A Wedding Planner Tells About 13 Crucial Mistakes Couples Make While Planning Their Big Day

3 years ago

While working as a wedding planner, I used to ask newlyweds after their big day what they would like to have changed about their event if they could. Some answered that they wouldn’t change anything, but some people talked about the things that they really regretted.

Especially for Bright Side, I’m revealing the most common decisions that newlyweds usually regret. I hope this information will be useful for you, if you’re not married yet.

13. They relied on tradition.

When a bride is planning her wedding, she tries to recall all the traditions needed for the event: to order doves, pick the right song for the first dance, and so on. These decisions are based on “I should” not “I want” and that’s not right.

Following tradition might be really great and interesting, but you shouldn’t go too far. Some of them are really old fashioned. After the wedding, couples usually regret that they didn’t try anything new and decided to follow old customs.

12. They fully trusted the master of ceremonies.

Many people think that the better the master of ceremonies is, the more expensive they’ll be. But this is not quite right. You wouldn’t buy an expensive dress that doesn’t suit you, right? It’s the same with the master of ceremonies — they should understand who you are. As a rule, you have to meet and engage them in conversation to realize if this person is just who you need.

So you’ve made a decision, now it’s time to discuss the program to avoid any unpleasant moments. Each master of ceremonies might try to use a traditional approach, but all people are different and you’re the only person who knows your guests really well so your input should be taken seriously.

11. They had a party the day after the wedding.

Couples admit that they really regret having a party the day after the wedding. The wedding day is always full of emotions and stress, and afterward the newlyweds just want to get some rest and spend time together, especially the next day. The party the second day usually ends up being pretty boring and dull.

10. They had their wedding ceremony in a public place.

An on-site ceremony is a really beautiful and romantic event. But some couples choose places like parks and river banks that may be really crowded. Strangers might spoil your photos, stare, or make attempts to talk to you or your guests.

In order to avoid such a nervous atmosphere, organize your wedding ceremony on private property.

9. They spent too much time on speeches.

Tons of serious speeches take too much time. Devote a certain amount of time to congratulatory speeches and leave it at that.

Remember that if you pass a microphone to your uncle, you might need to take a nap while he’s recalling all your childhood adventures.

8. They opted out of having a wedding planner.

Many couples think that they have plenty of time and that they don’t have to be in a hurry. But this is just an illusion. To make the day go as planned, and have it match your vision, you have to remember one rule: act here and now. Wedding planning is extremely important if you don’t want to sacrifice your plans and time.

7. They wanted to save on a videographer or didn’t book one at all.

Save money on time and never sacrifice quality. It’s better to take a few great pictures with the help of a professional photographer and record the most beautiful moments. A good videographer will capture the atmosphere of your event and create an incredible video that you’ll be able to enjoy for years.

6. They had too much alcohol.

The amount of alcohol affects the atmosphere. Just one singe guest who can’t control themselves could spoil the whole event. If you want to create a warm, romantic, and exciting atmosphere, choose low alcohol drinks.

5. They invited too many children.

Once a 6-year-old girl came up to me and said, “We’ve been here for hours. When are we going to eat the cake and go home?” I didn’t know how to explain that it was just the beginning.

Children get tired really fast during adult celebrations and start to complain. They’re bored and they need attention. If there’s no opportunity to have the event without children, book some kids entertainment to avoid any awkward situations.

4. They organized everything on their own.

Some brides don’t trust anyone and want to control everything on their own. It’s quite obvious that this could get really stressful. And I’ve definitely been a shoulder to cry on in the past.

3. They had an outdoor wedding.

Couples are sure that the weather is going to be great during their wedding. But the weather often has its own plans. The hot sun or wind might spoil your look, insects will definitely join your celebration, and rain might just change everything. That’s why it’s recommended to take your photos outside, but hold your ceremony inside.

2. They didn’t take a honeymoon afterward.

Wedding preparation takes so much effort and energy. You need some rest and time to enjoy being together afterward. Don’t forget to plan an incredible honeymoon!

1. They didn’t celebrate their wedding at all.

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life. It’s your day, you’re the heroes, directors, and scriptwriters. You’ll never again experience the emotions that surround getting married.

If you’re afraid of spending a lot of money, don’t forget that you don’t have to have a gorgeous and luxurious wedding — it can be rather small and intimate.

Bonus: When creative wedding photoshoots go too far...

It doesn’t matter what kind of a wedding you’re going to have. Everything depends on your tastes and desires. Try to understand what you really want and don’t be afraid to make all your bold ideas come true. It’s your event, let it be unique.

Have you already had your wedding? Share your impression of this celebration with us in the comments!


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