New Trend Alert: Internet Users Compare How They Look Now to Themselves 6 Years Ago

4 years ago

The Internet is being taken over by a new trend: #2012vs2018, and it's rapidly gaining popularity. Basically, the trend consists of users comparing their photos 6 years ago to the ones they post now. Some have changed their hair color, while others have bought new glasses - but there are some people that changed so much, they're completely unrecognizable! Some people partaking in the challenge are upset they don't look any different, while others are annoyed about the couple extra pounds they've gained. But overall, mostly everyone is sharing their positive changes while joking about how they looked six years back. See for yourself!

Bright Side collected the most impressive photos from the #2012vs2018 trend.

"Finally, a hashtag for me!"

"I think I'll win."

"When they ask me what my inspiration was, I tell ‘em, 'Global warming!' "

"If I could kill anyone who saw me before 2018, I would do it."

"It's hard to post this even though I don't look like that anymore, I still struggle with my self-image. So I'm asking nicely to please be kind."

"If we’re gonna start talking about glow ups, then please, allow me."

"I did that."

"I thought you should see this."

"Okay, I'll participate too."

"Oh geez, it’s actually from 2013 because I couldn’t find any from 2012."

"Isn't it just, wow?"

"I could swear there are worse pictures of me from 2012 but I’ve deleted everything off of Facebook in efforts to forget about those times."

"I got glasses!"

"It's safe to say that something changed for the better."

"I had an iPad before I had an actual smartphone..."

Everything started with this picture. The user Doolan91 left the following comment, "I gave up alcohol when my daughter turned 1. I'm 5 years sober today."

How have you changed within the last 6 years? We would love to see your photos in the comments!

Preview photo credit hann/Twitter


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