Sofía Vergara Emotionally Reveals Her Frustrations While Trying to Lose Her Latina Accent

5 months ago

In a recent interview, Sofía Vergara candidly discussed the challenges her accent has posed throughout her Hollywood career. Born and raised in Colombia, the 51-year-old actress has made a name for herself with her iconic role as Gloria Pritchett on Modern Family. However, despite her success, Sofía revealed that her accent has, at times, limited her acting opportunities in the industry.

Embracing the accent

Gloria Pritchett’s strong Latin accent became a defining trait of Sofía’s character on Modern Family, earning her widespread recognition and four Emmy nominations. Despite facing occasional ridicule, Sofía has consistently defended her accent, viewing it as an integral part of her identity and acting prowess.

One example of mockery happened during a playful exchange with Ellen DeGeneres in 2018. When questioned about the perceived worsening of her accent, Sofía humorously responded that it was a talent she committed to as part of portraying Gloria.

Recently, Sofía Vergara has made a return to television with the crime drama Griselda. As she embarked on the promotional tour for the show, an interview in Spain led to a noteworthy exchange between the actress and the TV host. The host interrupted Sofía to question how she pronounced “Modern Family.” The seemingly critical remark on her pronunciation catalyzed an engaging back-and-forth between the host and the actress.

Challenges and frustrations

Sofía’s recent comments shed light on the broader challenges she faces in Hollywood due to her accent. In an interview, she expressed frustration over the limited range of roles available to her, saying, for example, that she couldn’t play a scientist.

She also reveals a desire to venture into big-budget movies featuring an ensemble cast, like Mission: Impossible, Dune, or Ocean’s Eleven. Rather than seeking the spotlight as the main character, she said she was up to just being a side character. She just needs the opportunity.

Comparing herself to other Latina actors without strong accents, such as Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez, she acknowledged the difficulty of navigating a predominantly English-speaking industry. “I’ve been here for 30 years. How dumb can I be?” Sofía expressed.

Self-reflection and struggle

Sofía also opened up about her internal struggles, admitting that she sometimes beats herself up over her inability to shed her accent. She mentioned feeling frustrated, especially in the early stages of her career. She questioned why she couldn’t overcome this linguistic barrier despite her three decades in the United States. The actress recognizes the emotional toll of constantly having to fight to be understood and accepted in the English-speaking entertainment industry.

Previous attempts to change

This isn’t the first time Sofía Vergara has addressed her accent-related challenges. In 2015, she revealed that, early in her career, she spent considerable time and money attempting to eliminate her Colombian accent. She invested in lessons and dedicated hours each week to language training. Despite this, Sofía found it impossible to completely shed her accent. Ultimately, she embraced her unique voice, leading to her breakthrough role in Modern Family.

Sofía Vergara’s journey in Hollywood enlightens the persistent challenges faced by actors with accents in the industry. While her success on Modern Family showcases the increasing acceptance of diversity in entertainment, her recent comments highlight the ongoing struggle for equal opportunities. Sofía’s firm commitment to embracing her identity and accent serves as an inspiration, urging the industry to move towards greater inclusivity and appreciation of linguistic diversity in storytelling.


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