“Why Are Men Like This?” Tom Holland Is Under Fire for Pic of Zendaya He Shared on Her B-Day

5 months ago

Beautiful Zendaya recently turned 27 and received tons of birthday tributes, one of which included a curious mention from her loving boyfriend, Tom Holland. Unfortunately, Tom’s choice of the actress’ photo he included in the birthday message left some people less than amused and started a debate online.

The couple is becoming stronger by the day.

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This story is old as time, Tom and Zendaya started off as co-stars on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming, which led to friendship, which, eventually, blossomed into a beautiful romance. Officially, the two have been together since 2021, when they stopped hiding from the cameras and made their relationship public.

Although the couple is highly private and rarely share anything about their love online, it’s quite obvious that they’re head over heels for each other. Recently, Zendaya was spotted wearing a ring with Tom’s initials on it, while he often sings praises to his incredibly talented girlfriend on his Instagram.

Zendaya received a lot of birthday wishes this year.

On September 1, the Dune star turned 27, and to mark the occasion she posted an adorable throwback picture of herself. The post instantly got showered by love and admiration from her many colleagues and close people.

Her boyfriend also decided to jump on the congratulatory train and shared a photo on Zendaya from, what we can gather, one of their numerous trips together. Holland chose a silly photo of the actress wearing scuba equipment and captioned it “My birthday girl.”

Social media is crazy about Tom’s congratulations to his girlfriend.

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While Tom chose a completely harmless and cute photo of Zendaya, many women on social media raised the question of why do men love to post unflattering pics of their girlfriends:

Luckily, there were people who disagreed with disgruntled comments and stood on Tom’s side:

  • “Why are so many people saying Tom chose an unflattering picture, it looks good.” — arachnibro / Twitter
  • “That’s such a silly picture, I love it so much, why is everyone compaining?” — almostgreek / Twitter

We would like to think that the reason boyfriends sometimes miss when sharing a pic of their beloved online, is because they think their girlfriends always look gorgeous.

And if you’ve been wondering about what exactly made Zendaya fall for Tom Holland, he has quite a story for you. It involves a nice gesture and woodworking, a perfect mix for a romantic comedy plot!

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