An Artist Makes Realistic Baby Animals That Can Be Mistaken For Real Ones, 15+ Images

A self-taught artist from Alaska makes very soft, cuddly, fully poseable sculptures that are actually the same weight as real baby animals. That’s why when picked up, they feel like the real deal. Without any training in art, Lee Cross has been creating real and fantasy-inspired creatures since she was 13, and it all came very naturally to her. All she had to do was let her imagination flow.

We at Bright Side were astounded by her creations, and we wanted to share her lifelike animals with you too. In the bonus section, you can check out Lee’s favorite work so far.

1. Baby fox

2. Golden cheetah cub

3. Baby lion cub

4. Baby otter

5. Baby sea otter

6. Baby polar bears

7. Baby snow leopard

8. Baby wolf pup

9. Racoon

10. Baby penguin

11. Baby owl

12. Baby Pomeranian puppy

13. Baby ferret

14. Baby panda

15. Kitten

16. Siberian tiger cub

17. Baby cheetah

Bonus: Lee Cross’s favorite creatures

Which one you would like to hold and cuddle with right now? What baby animal would you like to see Lee Cross make next?

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