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18 Women Who Have Masterfully Decorated Their Nests

Apartments can say a lot about their owners. Favorite colors, materials, textures — all these reflect the owner’s temperament and character. It’s also said that lighting and furniture arrangements can hint at the emotional state of the owner.

We at Bright Side checked out some interiors that women created with their own hands and dove into the coziness and warmth in all their manifestations.

“I am a 45-year-old woman sleeping with a teddy bear in a twin bed. I love it.”

“Girls don’t want a boyfriend. Girls want a nice kitchen with matching pink utensils.”

“I moved here after a breakup. Being able to decorate exactly as I wanted to without anyone ripping on my style was so liberating.”

My room — my rules

Gothic inspired living room

“My friend is 92 years old and she used to work as an interior designer. I went to visit her recently. Isn’t it darling?!”

“I moved back home after 7 years in London. I wanted to recreate a similar living space as I loved my UK flat so much.”

“My first place by myself. Small but mine.”

“Just us girls.”

Cozy pink nest

“I inherited my grandparent’s couch and I think it makes the room perfect.”

“I bought my first house recently, by myself. Thought y’all would appreciate my aesthetic.”

“Finished my living room decor and now I never want to leave.”

“My living room gives me the warm fuzzies every day.”

“Thought my living room looked particularly cozy the other day!”

“View from my couch on this lazy sunny day”

“Perfect place to enjoy my morning cup of coffee!”

“Wanted a dramatic and soft space, so I created a wisteria vine.”

What kind of interior do you like? Have you ever shared pics of your cozy nest?

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