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18 Small Bedroom Ideas for Maximizing Space and Style

All of these clever ideas are aimed at making the most of a space that lacks storage space, no matter how small the area you’re working with is. Here’s how to furnish your room more efficiently.

The apartment was really tiny, so they made the most out of the space available.

Ideas for when there’s a lack of space: I turned my small closet into a bed.”

Just imagine lying in this small bedroom in the warmth while it rains outside.

The time difference between these photos is 6 months. The first day after moving out from living with my husband, and today in my own small apartment. Some decor always makes it better.

Just a small forest bedroom. It must be nice to sleep in Jumanji.

“Some decoration ideas: The grouping above the table is made from scraps from around the house. The shelf is a broken bed slat, and the little uke thing was made by the owner’s grandpa when he was a boy scout.”

“My small bedroom. My mom crocheted the green blanket for me.”

“My small bedroom — the place where I dream”

“For the past 2 years, I have lived in cramped conditions, and now, I have moved into a beautiful sunny apartment with a small bedroom full of vintage things.”

“I had to wait until I was 27, but now, my parents can’t stop me from painting my room black! Black walls — an unusual bedroom idea.”

“I bought this vintage Turkish handmade rug for my small bedroom. White decor in rooms with black walls looks amazing.”

“Not as cozy as a lot of the other places, but you can still see the progress I made in my small apartment.”

“I rearranged my small living room, and I’m pretty happy with the results.”

“My shoebox-sized room — a bedroom idea for a really small space”

With enough light, even a small room will seem spacious.

“My bedroom — my small corner in this big world”

“I have a small bed in my ’treehouse.’ I woke up this morning under a mountain of blankets and didn’t want to go anywhere.”

I’m adding finishing touches to my refurbished small kitchen.

Do you like tiny cozy apartments or do you prefer when there’s more space?

Please note: This article was updated in October 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
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