13 People Who Definitely Won’t Ever Lend Anyone Money Again

3 years ago

“If you want to be a friend, never borrow, never lend.” More and more people agreeably nod their heads when they hear this phrase. And it’s not all that surprising since the number of stories about lenders’ uneasy destinies grows more and more, like a snowball.

The Bright Side editorial team hopes that your lenders will return their debts on time and would like you to read the revelations of those who weren’t so lucky in the meantime.

  • Once I lent my friend $20 for a couple of days. After one week had passed, I realized he wasn’t going to return the debt. Moreover, the things on his end were going badly. One day, he asked if I wanted to take his place on his night and day shift at work as a guard — one shift costs $20. It means that I would earn this money myself and return my friend’s debt to myself too. © Neuzheli / Pikabu

  • My cousin asked me to lend him $200. He urgently needed to pay several debts before the New Year. I lent it. He promised to return the debt in a couple of months. It was only $200, not $20,000. He could call me and ask to move the date, he could simply not return it (he himself insisted on returning the debt), just call me — we’re not strangers. That was December of 2014. It’s 2020 now and I have never seen him since then. He simply got lost. Communication with my cousin costs $200. I think that’s cheap. © KycokMakca / Pikabu

  • My nephew called me a couple of years ago asking to lend him $3,000 for sustaining his business. He already sold his car and borrowed money from his parents, but still, the money wasn’t enough. So I thought, “I have this money. Why not help him?” I lent it but with the condition that he had to return the debt in 6 months and write me a note about it. After 6 months had passed, I called him and asked, “Where’s my money?” The response was unexpected: “What money?” Eventually, the young man started to say that a note was just a piece of paper. My calls to his parents also didn’t get any results — they were protecting their offspring. It all resulted in me suing my nephew and sending bailiffs to him. He doesn’t have any money and can’t return the debt. I also became the main foe of the family because I dared to ask for my money back. That’s how $3,000 helped me to get rid of “good” relatives. © IpockerfaceI / Pikabu

And we weren’t communicating all this time. I had already forgotten about the debt but he hadn’t. It’s surprising but such things do happen. He must’ve been saving 3 pennies a day. © Jodin / Pikabu

  • This story happened to my brother. One of his friends asked him to lend a very large amount of money to him. My brother agreed but with his apartment as collateral. So the following dialogue took place between them:
    — “Do you want to take my apartment?”
    — “Do you want to not give back your debt?” © predskazamus / Pikabu

  • One of my friends called me and said that he owed me $5 and was entering the New Year with debt, which isn’t a good sign. That’s why he transferred the money to my card. Another friend who owes me $2,000 is not calling me. Apparently, he doesn’t believe in superstitions. © Alax / Pikabu

  • I once lent my friend $100 and he vanished from my life and then moved to another city. After a couple of years, we accidentally met each other and he didn’t even want to talk to me. When I asked him about the money, he said I was too petty. Those $100 bucks were all I had left at that moment. © MayorskiePogoni / Twitter

  • Once, my friend came to me and asked me to lend her my diamond ring for a special event. After she left, I noticed that another one of my rings was missing. She deleted all her accounts on social media and switched off her phone and I still haven’t found her — it’s already been 10 years. © Julia13081986 / Twitter

  • Once, an acquaintance borrowed $200 from me. It was very a lot of money at that time. He disappeared but was living in a neighboring block of flats. I saw him from a distance several times but he was always running away, not giving me a chance to talk to him. After many years, I met him in front of a store. I had a cool car and was well-dressed. We started to talk. He said he was looking for a job and as it turned out, he was a suitable specialist for our company. I was the security service worker and could help him get the job. Do you think he got it? Nope, he should’ve thought about that before cheating me. © Overheard / Ideer

  • An acquaintance called me the other day asking to lend him a decent amount of money for a couple of months. I said:
    — “Ok, I’ll do it. Let’s catch up at the notary office.”
    — “Why at the notary office?”
    — “To register the loan.”
    — “Why? I’ll give it back.”
    —" Good, then there’s nothing to worry about. I’ll pay for the notary services myself."
    — “I thought you were my friend...” © Overheard / Ideer

  • I lent money to a man that I had been dating for just over a year. I never asked why he needed it. We broke up after 2 months and he returned the debt. Later, I accidentally learned that he used this money to rent an apartment to live with another woman. Now he’s going to marry her. © Overheard / Ideer

  • I kept quarreling with my neighbor about the debt she wasn’t returning to me ($20). Eventually, she got mad and brought me the debt in a sack full of dimes. But she didn’t know that I collected coins. About two-thirds of the sack got put into my collection. While I was putting them in my album, my neighbor was in the process of giving birth to something big, aggressive, and covered with poisonous spikes. © Unknown author / Bash.im

What trouble did you get into after you lent money to someone?

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When ppl asked me for money, IF I had it, I would have them do small jobs for me and pay them so there wouldn't be any contentions with family over money owed.


I only lend money to my family or very close friends, someone that I really trust. Before I lent it to other people, who I didn't know too well and a lot of them didn't return anything to me


I have lent other people money and some of them have already paid me back. However I have also borrowed money in times of trouble.. :)


Oops... That reminds of the 100 bucks I owe to my brother but hey... family doesnt count right? haha


Seriously... I get that but I never NEVER can deny lending money to a friend... And if you ask.. yeap... I've lost a lot of money :/


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