I Was Worried That My Sister Is in Love With My Wife, and Accidentally Discovered a Mind-Stirring Truth

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3 months ago

A man, 34, has recently written a letter to our editorial and told his story that could be a vivid example of how things in life may take a 180° turn. The man shared how he was suspicious about his sister and his wife having a romance, and he had a lot of evidence for thinking so. But one day, he found out a real truth about their relationship, and it was far from what he initially expected.

A man wrote us a letter and shared how things in his family started getting very weird.

A man, 34, named Nick, wrote a letter to our editorial to tell us his family story. He began his letter saying that he and his wife have been together for 2.5 years, and they have a really great relationship.

Nick has siblings in his family, but his sister is the one who’s his best friend. The man shared, «My sister and I have always been very close, so I was extremely happy when she and my wife met and hit it off right away.»

The man was very happy that all people who are dear to him are in such a great relationship with each other. He wrote, «They get along insanely well, and it’s amazing, or was amazing, until I started having some concerns about their real relationship.»

Nick revealed that he started noticing weird things. He said, «Everything was perfect up until about 3 months ago. My sister and my wife started hanging out together more often than usual. They two took day trips and had sleep-overs. They went for dinner together very often, and I didn’t care about it initially. I thought it was perfect that the 2 most important women in my life were such good friends.»

The situation was getting even more suspicious.

The man goes on with his story, saying that the situation was taking an even more bizarre turn. He revealed, «My sister Emily started making weird comments saying that if we ever broke up, she’s first in line to date my wife. She started calling my wife her ’wifey’ and she even followed her around like a lost puppy.»

Nick didn’t know what to think of his sister’s claims. He added, «Emily said that my wife was our wife, and I even noticed she got jealous when I interacted with her.»

Nick’s suspicions grew even bigger when one day he came home from work and heard them talking. He revealed, «One day, I got home from work and as I walked through the door, I could hear them chatting in the living room. To me, this of course wasn’t out of the ordinary. But then I heard something that really bothered me. My sister said, ’Oh, my dear. I have such a crush on you.’ in the most loving voice I’ve ever heard.»

The man tried to find out the truth, but it wasn’t easy.

Nick revealed that he was feeling bad after what he heard. He said, «It really didn’t sit well with me, so later on I asked my wife about the details of their conversation. She told me that they went shopping together that day and were doing an improvised fashion show for each other. She also insisted that such kind of comments are absolutely fine between girlfriends, and it was nothing to worry about. It made sense to me, and I trust my wife.»

But then Nick decided to talk to his sister, separately. He revealed, «I asked my sister how their shopping spree went. Then I asked her what that crush comment was about. My sister instantly got very defensive and accused me of being jealous of her relationship with my wife. Then she just advised me ’to grow up.’»

Nick confessed, «At that time, I was worried about my wife doing anything behind my back to cheat on me. There was just something about the way my sister was acting that didn’t sit well with me, and I didn’t know how to approach this without blowing up any of our relationships.»

Nick decided to approach the issue directly and find out the truth by any means.

Nick wrote, «I decided to address the issue directly to both of them. One day, I came home from and found the 2 of them on the couch in the living room watching some movie. I sat down in the seat across from them and said that the 3 of us needed to talk. I straightly asked them if there was something going on between them and mentioned how much time they actually have been spending together and said that it looked almost like they’re dating.»

Nick found out the truth that made him happy and angry at the same time. He revealed, «My sister immediately started crying, and my wife looked really sad. The sister couldn’t speak through her tears, so my wife told me everything.
Turned out my sister had been going through a really nasty break up, and she was not taking it well. Her boyfriend cheated on her with many women. My wife noticed that something was wrong and asked my sister what was up while they were out for dinner. My sister couldn’t hold back and told her about all that happened to her, and then begged her not to tell me anything until she made up a decision on how to move forward.»

Nick goes on, saying, «It turned out that their extra hang-outs were because my sister found out she was pregnant. And, what a coincidence, my wife also found out she was pregnant. But she didn’t want to tell me instantly, she wanted to announce it during my approaching birthday. So, they both were shopping for things, including the maternity wear for both of them. Hence, were their fashion shows.»

Nick concluded, «What I was thinking as jealousy from Emily was actually a longing for the solid relationship that my wife and I have, not an actual crush on my spouse. The crush comment and wifey nickname were literally just their friendly talk. My sister was reactive to all my questions because she felt so deeply betrayed by her ex, and being accused of doing that was very hurtful.»

Nick finished his letter, saying, «This story taught me one important lesson: to be more attentive to people whom I love. I’m going to be an uncle and a father soon, and I am so ashamed to get a ’brother of the year’ award for not even noticing that something awful was going on with my sister and that my wife was actually pregnant.»

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