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Photographers From Around the World Share What Authenticity Means to Them in 25 Photos

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If you and your friends were asked what authenticity is, all of you would give different answers. For some, the notion is about staying true to yourself or always doing what you love. For others, authenticity is the cozy streets of their hometown or the emotions we feel when we spend time with our loved ones. However, practice shows that photographers translate what authenticity is in the best way. Why, you ask? Because images speak louder than words.

This summer, Depositphotos, a library of over 180 million of stock visuals, launched a thematic photo contest and asked photographers to share what authenticity means to them by capturing candid moments in everyday life. The contest had no categories, just a main theme “Authenticity 2.0.”

The contest ran for a month and a half. During this time, 1,884 photographers from around the world submitted their work and shared over 5,200 images. Discover the award-winning and most artistic photographs in this gallery.

1. Stefano Zocca

#authenticity_is PietroAdolescence.

2. Katalin Száraz

3. Mohammad Hedayet Sarker

#authenticity_is my life.

4. Anna Zograf

5. Khánh Phan

#authenticity_is crossing the field.

6. Saurabh Sirohiya

7. Ramazan Cirakoglu

#authenticity_is women do their daily grinding with the traditional hand grinder.

8. Khánh Phan

9. Azim Khan Ronnie

#authenticity_is to act in ways that show your true self and how you feel.

10. Dina Alfasi

11. Aleksandr Yurkovskyi

#authenticity_is the ability to just love each other no matter what.

12. Barun Rajgaria

13. Yuliya Dobrovolska

#authenticity_is our sunrises.

14. Mikhail Kapychka

15. Oleksandra Chornobab

#authenticity_is seeing the beauty in every person, regardless of their look or whether you’re able to show it to the person with the help of the camera.

16. Zuka Kotrikadze

17. Pavel Zelenov

#authenticity_is the manifestation of life in every moment.

18. Iryna Kalamurza

19. Yauheni Stsiapanau

#authenticity_is pure power.

20. Louis Navas

21. Razmik Zackaryan

#authenticity_is sunny dust during a daily routine.

22. Anton Tochnov

23. Anastasiya Lyubitskaya

#authenticity_is nothing extra, just life, simplicity, and beauty.

24. Vladyslav Fomin

25. Prabu Mohan

#authenticity_is being yourself.

You can explore all the contest submissions under the hashtag #authenticity_is. Get inspired by a variety of ambient and authentic shots created by independent photographers from around the world.

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