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This Father Raced From His Coal Mining Job to Be With His Son at His First Basketball Game, and It Went Viral

A single image has the power to stir up a variety of feelings and touch the cords of our souls. Indeed, after pictures of him and his son attending a basketball game went viral on social media, Michael McGuire inspired us all. The family may appear ordinary, but this photo depicts how far a father’s love can go to make his child happy — no matter life’s problems or being tired from manual labor, our children’s smiles are worth every bit of effort.

A humble and diligent family man

Michael McGuire, a father of 2, and his wife, Millie, live in central Kentucky. They are a close-knit American family that leads a basic and humble lifestyle. Michael is a coal miner and a caring parent who strives to provide his family with the best life possible. He constantly sacrifices for his wife and children, prioritizing their needs over his own.

Michael was going about his usual business when he received an unexpected outpouring of love and support from people who had seen his pictures on social media. “We’re just a small Eastern Kentucky family. To see how it’s impacted everyone has been very touching for Michael and for us to see what it means just because he’s a good dad,” Molly said.

He hurried from work to give his kid an amazing experience.

Michael dedicates his entire life to guiding and helping his children, but because of his hard and irregular work schedule, he’s had to miss several meaningful family occasions. But when they purchased a ticket to see the “Blue & White Scrimmage” at the Appalachian Wireless Arena in October 2022, he did everything he could to be there with his wife and son, Easton.

Despite just finishing his work shift, still dressed in his work uniform and covered in soot from head to toe, Michael made it in time for the basketball game. He might have had dirt on his face, but he was determined to give his kid an unforgettable moment.

While there, a Kentucky supporter took a photo of the father and son and shared it online, showing the tender moment between Michael and Easton. In an effort to trace the family and attract the staff’s attention, Sue Kinneer took the photo and wrote in her post, “I don’t know who this guy is, but he has my vote for the ’father of the year.’ He obviously just got off from work and brought his little boy straight to the Blue-White game!”

Her goal was to honor this father for his worthwhile deed, but she was pleasantly surprised by how well her idea worked.

Many people can identify with Michael’s acts.

When such a good gesture hits people’s hearts and souls, they may be able to relate to it and feel connected to other people’s experiences. Even the head coach of the Wildcats, John Calipari, saw the picture of Michael’s grimy yet joyful grin. Calipari noticed the dad and shared a photo of him on social media to show his admiration for McGuire’s commitment to his family while working hard.

Michael’s work inspired Calipari, who confessed that his relatives were also coal miners. The coach wrote, “My family’s American dream started in a Clarksburg, WV coal mine. From what I’ve been told, he raced to be with his son after his shift and watch our team. Don’t know who this is, but I have tickets for him and his family at Rupp to be treated as VIPs.”

For Michael, the outpouring of love and support came as a surprise.

Michael is a quiet and genuine man, so when word of him hurrying from work to be with his son spread, he was taken aback. Kentucky fans quickly turned him into a hero, and Michael had no idea any of it was going on. “When I got out and got service on my way home, it went crazy, and I couldn’t believe it was real,” he confessed.

Even his wife was surprised by the flood of affection, sharing words of love for him, saying, “It doesn’t matter to him how long he has worked or how hard his day is. He is always there and shows up for our babies! He is the most selfless man ever and always puts his family first!”

As promised by the coach, he invited the entire family to another basketball game, and Michael was the star of the evening. Although the father was properly dressed and all clean this time, everyone in attendance at the game will never forget him as the devoted father who would do just about anything to ensure his children’s happiness.

What’s the most generous thing you’ve ever done for someone you care about?

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