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20+ Pets That Refuse to Part With Their Favorite Toys Even for a Second

Sometimes our pets love their toys as much as we love our pets. Even if they’re old, worn out, or already falling apart, some dogs and cats stand by their plush friends forever. Some even sleep with them, feed them using their snacks, and take them for trips. And they wait patiently for the washing machine to finish, when their toys are “taking a bath.”

Here at Bright Side we adore pets, so here’s a compilation of photos that show how adorable the pet-toy relationship can be.

1. Taking care of his little “plushy brother”

2. Pickles has found a new friend.

3. “Do my toys really need a bath, mom?”

4. I just changed the batteries in his Snuggle Buddy, a toy with a heartbeat he’s had since he was 3 months old.

5. Charlie and his mini-me.

6. Her favorite stuffed toy sloth

7. My friend’s horse is very proud of his new plushy.

8. “My cat carries his toy with him all over the house. Apparently he thought it was hungry too.”

9. “My mom washed all the dog’s toys. And now our dog won’t come in the house without them.”

10. All these years later and it’s still her favorite toy.

11. Rizzo likes to organize her toys now. Don’t ask why.

12. When your favorite toy is the one that looks just like you.

13. “She has ripped up hundreds of toys, but she refuses to hurt her Dino.”

14. “This teddy bear used to be his sister’s before she died. Now Eddie carries it around with him and it’s the only toy he’s never destroyed.”

15. Bonnie helped pack for her trip and already put her favorite toy in the suitcase.

16. “I put his favorite blanket in the wash, he sat like this for at least half an hour.”

17. Never gets cozy without her toy.

18. Meet Alpaca, my favorite toy!

19. My girl Molly with her favorite plush pupper

20. A year and 12 pounds later, and it’s still Dobby’s favorite toy.

21. 4 weeks VS Full grown, with his favorite toy

What’s your pet’s favorite toy? We’d be happy to see your pics in the comment section below!

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