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15 People Who Turned Their Lowlight Into Highlights

Sometimes life delivers significant obstacles, and it can become hard to manage when we take it over seriously. Having resilience, while also being light-hearted and having a sense of humor, are sometimes all it takes to cope and recover from the challenges we encounter. After all, “A light heart lives long” and we only get one free supply of our life.

At Bright Side, we cherish resilient people. Thus, we decided to bring together a bunch of people who remained calm in the face of disasters, took themselves lightly while also using their smart brains to plan.

1. Coffee stains? Not anymore.

2. “I drew the bones on my cast, I left one blank so I could easily show people which one I broke when they asked what happened.”

3. “I made a beard comb out of a broken skateboard.”

4. Here’s a scar-based fish tattoo.

5. “Tree twisted and broken during a storm in my city turned into art.”

6. “I made a necklace from a rib I had removed.”

7. “I’ve been using makeup as a way to deal with chronic pain and I decided to create a Pink Floyd look.”

8. “My daughter and I created a new toy by combining 2 of her broken toys. This is Chelsea!”

9. “I didn’t have anyone to celebrate my graduation with, so I got myself a treat.”

10. “Turned a surgical scar into a branch of funny cartoons”

11. “I definitely recommend this for any broken hockey sticks. My new favorite decoration.”

12. “I found the perfect tattoo for my hand deformity!”

13. “I recycled my favorite broken vase.”

14. “I made a disco ball costume out of broken mirrors.”

15. “I transformed my wedding dress from my awful marriage into a costume for Halloween.”

Do you believe that a pinch of humor can be the magic wand to get out of a sad or stressful situation? We’d love to hear your opinion in the comments section below.

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