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19 Unlucky People Who Woke Up Famous Thanks to Their Haircuts

The French believe that finding a good barber can be much harder than finding a good husband. And it is hard to disagree with this logic. Sometimes, hairdressers get way too creative or don’t really understand what you want from them. And even if you ask them to just trim your bangs, you can’t be sure that they won’t cut them off completely.

We at Bright Side are really sorry about what happened to the people in this compilation. Just imagine: they had to live with these haircuts for at least several months. The good thing is, hair grows.

1. “What I asked for vs What I got”

2. “I did my sister’s undercut a while back. Don’t worry, the red spot is her birthmark.”

3. “I asked for a high fade, and to even out the top. This is what I got...”

4. This guy’s hair

5. “My classmate is really crazy about math.”

6. “My new barber left me with this.”

7. “I asked to have it edged up so my bangs would be straight. They proceeded to cut all my bangs off and my entire widows peak...”

8. When you don’t have enough money for a good haircut:

9. “What I asked for vs What I got...”

10. “My cousin came home yesterday with this mess.”

11. “Be careful what you wish for. This is the result of my mom nagging my dad to get a haircut. Glorious!”

12. “It’s been 5 days since my haircut and I just noticed that it’s abysmal in the back. I’ve had compliments, but now I realize they were sarcastic.”

13. “I heard my friend say, ‘Oops!’ when she was cutting my hair, then start laughing. The things we go through to save $$...”

14. “My cousin went to a new barber and asked for a faded neckline cut.”

15. “A few years ago I paid for this. I had no idea until a day later because the hair dresser curled my hair. And they refused to refund my money.”

16. “Sadly, I’m actually a professional. LOL — Does it count as a haircut when I burned off my own hair with bleach?”

17. “I went to a pretentious hipster place for a pink Ombre. Things did not go well.”

18. Give me that “If Dubstep were a haircut” look.

19. When you asked for the same haircut as in the video and didn’t say you didn’t want the play button:

Would you take a risk and get the same haircut as the people from this compilation?

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