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20+ People Who Ran Out of Luck on Their First Day at Work

Many people tend to feel shy during the start of a new job because they don’t know anyone there or are afraid to make a bad first impression. But some people happen to be so unlucky that they find themselves in a really awkward situation on their first days at work, which makes them consider quitting immediately.

“The coat hook on the door of my new office was hung by or for a giant.”

“The fifth day into my new work at home job, and my chair breaks like this”

“A new guy dropped multiple liters of vinegar on his first workday.”

“A new guy tried to empty the fryer grease into a plastic bucket.”

  • Our manager hired a new personal assistant. It was her first day at work. Suddenly, the manager’s wife came and asked the assistant to make her a cup of coffee. The new girl didn’t know that it was the manager’s wife and told her quite rudely, “Why should I make you coffee? I’m not your servant.” Her first working day was her last. © Archa2 / Pikabu

“A new guy caught our rice cooker on fire and guess who has to scrub it.”

“It’s my first day at a new job tomorrow.”

“I have a new job, and my dog ate my upper spacers.”

  • Once, we hired a guy who worked for less than 5 minutes. After we introduced him to his co-workers and showed him his desk, he went to the toilet and never returned. © lavrovmem / Pikabu

“My husband got 14 custom shirts for his new job. His name is Dylan.”

“I tripped while getting out of the car and holding an energy drink. This was 3 minutes before my meet-and-greet meeting with my new job’s CEO.”

“I just started my new job as a truck driver and broke my leg in 2 places. 4 days before my insurance kicks in.”

“I spilled coffee on my laptop the day before my first working day. Also I have a presentation to do in a week.”

“Day 3 of starting my new job, I managed to slice my hand open with a box cutter.”

“My first day of work after 2 weeks of vacation. My car is a bird favorite.”

“I started a new teaching job and sat on a desk to explain the book we were reading. Thankfully nobody was sitting there.”

  • I had my first day of training at my new job. I’ve been really happy because I haven’t had a job in a long time. But I missed it because I thought my shift was 10 p.m.-6 p.m., but it was actually 6 p.m.-10 p.m. I feel really stupid. © Moviesmusicme / Reddit

“I traveled internationally and quit my previous job to attend my new job’s training program. I finally began this week but, got sent home on day one.”

“My first day at a new job, and this happened while giving them my usual clean. I guess after 4 years, they’d had enough.”

“I got locked in my workplace on my first day of work. The spare key doesn’t work, and I bent it while trying to unlock the door.”

  • On my first day at work, I accidentally came across the online blacklist of employers. And the company I worked for had a lot of negative reviews. They wrote that the company didn’t pay on time, the working conditions were terrible, the managers were rude and didn’t value their staff, they even mentioned their names.
    A few years have passed, and I’m a manager with this company now. I open this blacklist from time to time to check and see if anyone has reviewed me as a rude person.

“I got a new job where I have to wear a uniform and gloves while working outside, now I look like this.”

“I just finished my first day at my first office job. Apparently, this sticker was displayed on my butt the whole time.”

Preview photo credit Archa2 / Pikabu
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