20 Couples Who Weren’t Bothered by Their Age Difference and Lived Happily Ever After

2 years ago

One-third of marriages, almost 34%, are between people of almost the same age. The bigger the age difference is, the smaller the percentage of having a wedding is. But it doesn’t mean that such couples don’t exist. In fact, there are many of them, and they are just as happy as spouses that are the same age.

We at Bright Side like people who break stereotypes, like the couples below.

“I am 41, my husband is 26. My age is there in the sunspots, eye wrinkles, and gray hair I get dyed.”

“He showers me with all the love, respect, and acceptance I never even knew I was missing.”

“I’ve (age 29) been with him (age 52) through a lot, but we continue to be strong and full of love for each other.”

“Yesterday was my man’s thirty-eighth birthday!! I am 24 years old and am so happy.”

“I am 40, and my husband is 30. I carefully take care of my skin. It’s more maintenance than I needed at 20, but I have to keep it together for my man.”

“I am 38 and he is 64.”

“My parents were thrown off by the age difference (he’s 1 year younger than my dad). But after they saw how he treated me and how happy I was, they decided we were soul mates and love him!”

“I am 32, he is 56. We got married and are already raising 2 daughters.”

“My man is 64, and I am 29. And we are happy!”

“I’m 29 and my girlfriend is 41, but it doesn’t matter. She’s my best friend and the love of my life.”

“Neither of us like photos, but I adore him. I’m 21, he’s 35.”

“I’m 30, my husband is 54. This year we celebrated our tenth anniversary.”

“I’m 26, he’s 39 — together for 6 years, married for 3. We’re more in love today than ever!”

“I’m 24, he’s 41. Despite his best grumpy face here, I know he’s really happy.”

“Me with the love of my life — he’s 40, I’m 26.”

“We’re married! I’m 30, he’s 48.”

“Started a relationship with my landlord, it’s been over a year now and we couldn’t be happier. I’m 28, she’s 61.”

“I’m 36, she’s 22.”

“Just celebrated our 1-year anniversary. I’m 34, and my boyfriend is 23.”

“I’m 19, and he’s 59. We decided to share our wedding photos.”

“My partner is 47, and I’m 25. I’m the happiest when I’m with him.”

“I’m 46, and my husband is 35.”

Do you think age difference can be an obstacle in a relationship?

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