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21 Photos That Prove Life Is a Box Full of Surprises

A tree that blooms with different flowers after a lightning strike, mold that looks like a cartoon drawing, and even harvesting a banana so tiny that is smaller than a finger. The world’s biggest mysteries and revelations can be waiting for us just around the corner, and they never fail to impress us.

Bright Side happened upon some of these astonishing situations and findings, and each one is more gasp-worthy than the next.

1. “Mold on cream cheese”

2. “Found this friendly grain of rice with a heart in my burrito.”

3. “My peeler gives pixelated looking peels.”

4. This tiny banana is so small, it looks like a toy.

5. The termites ate all the wood and left only the colored part of these pencils.

6. “Found a perfect salt crystal in my sea salt packet.”

7. “The shadows from these window cages create a 3D effect.”

8. This mini greenhouse grew inside the turtle shell lid.

9. “After my waitress sat down my ice water and walked away, my glass split cleanly in half.”

10. “This water spill on my sink looks like a dancing lady in a dress and top hat.”

11. “Neighbors tree was struck by lightning, it now blooms in different stages.”

12. “The water making a perfect dome”

13. The pattern this lightning strike made on a concrete sidewalk

14. “The same color liquid in different colored buckets”

15. “This deflated balloon that looks like Mozart”

16. “While renovating an office in DC, I found a stack of uncashed checks dated July-August 1910.”

17. “Found these baby crabs inside this clamshell.”

18. “This tree I found has eyes.”

19. These light pillars in Alaska are a reflection of the ice crystals in the air.

20. “A house on the world’s steepest street when adjusted for angle.”

21. “A skatepark shaped like bacon and eggs”

What was the most surprising thing you ever saw?

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