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27 Crazy Coincidences That Prove Reality Is Glitching Badly

It seems like our universe uses its favorite game called “Coincidences” to test our imagination. Sometimes we meet the real heroes of cartoons on the streets, or we just can’t tell 2 objects apart, and sometimes we think, “I’ve already seen this somewhere...”

Bright Side has collected 27 pictures that will make you believe that all people and objects have their doppelgängers.

This broken rock looks like an avocado.

Just a fan that looks like Cristiano or his long lost brother?

We’ve found him.

A glitch in the matrix

unknow user

This spot on the bull’s forehead looks like a small copy of its skull.

This Roman Coliseum along the railroad track:

This dog has its own selfie on its ear.

The moment when you finally find where you belong:

The pocket inside this tent looks like the Gmail icon.

“My friend found himself on a bag of chips.”

On the set of the ad

This water bottle created the mountain that advertises it.

“A guy at my work wears these glasses every day and I could never figure out who he looked like. Until today.”

In winter, this thing looks pretty spooky.

“Found an ancient portrait of me in Israel.”

A spider web that looks like a tiny Eiffel Tower. The spider living here was probably a French man in his past life.

“My wife in a belly contest with a doorman.”

“My total at 7-Eleven was $7.11.”

“These wardrobe door knobs are surprisingly similar to my ring. I bet the same person created them.”

When you live inside a picture and a picture lives inside you:

“My neighbor’s mailbox matches his house.”

“The coffee beans on my drink look like an angry chicken.”

A truck got stuck under a bridge and apparently these guys know what to do.

“This coolant leak from my Subaru looks like Sherlock Holmes.”

“This guy at the park looks like a NO.”

“My girlfriend found this rock that resembles me.”

Because dogs always resemble their owners.

Have you ever seen weird or funny coincidences that still puzzle you?

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