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8 Outdated Things You Can Wear Now and Still Look Great

Fashion is becoming faster and faster: back in the day, clothes could be worn for several years but today, they don’t last for more than one season. Fortunately, there are ways to style your clothes so that they still look trendy, and so you don’t have to buy new things every season.

The Bright Side writers decided to test the different ways to wear pieces of clothing that are outdated today. We’ve tried on skinny jeans that were trendy at the beginning of the 2010s and even tried to style slim-fitted jackets and cardigans. What did this experiment lead to? You will see it in this article.

Short sweater

Outdated short sweaters can be brought back to life if you wear them with high-rise pants and tuck the sweater in. We also rolled up the sleeves and switched the shoes to make the look even better.

Tight dress

The outdated tight dress can be trendy again if you wear it with something loose on the top — like a big jacket or an oversize sweater. A couple of accessories and the dress becomes a must-have.

Thin sweater

A tight sweater you don’t want to get rid of can be hidden under a long oversized jacket. This is a great idea if you are going to a place where it’s really cold.

Low-rise skinny jeans

Even though low-rise jeans are coming back into the spotlight, they still highlight too much of the body’s curves which is not trendy today. To bring your skinny jeans back to life, try wearing them with loose tops, massive sneakers, or a hat.

Slim leather jacket

Slim, fitted leather jackets were quite popular just several years ago and they can be worn with trendy dresses and shoes. Don’t zip the jacket up to make it look really trendy.

Thin slim-fitted jacket

A jacket that is this short can be tucked into high-rise jeans to make your look a bit more interesting and unusual. We also rolled up the sleeves and put on a crochet-style hat: this way, the look became even better.

Old man’s shirt

Boyfriend shirts are really popular today because they are loose and easy to wear. It’s easy to make a trendy casual look. Just try on your boyfriend’s shirt.

Short cardigan

Short cardigans shouldn’t be worn with tight pants or used as a second layer of clothing. To make your look trendy, just tuck the cardigan into your loose pants and wear appropriate shoes.

What life hacks do you use to prolong the life of your clothes? Do you think that outdated clothes should be given a second chance?

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