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How Your Facial Features Can Influence People’s First Impression of You

You don’t have to be a psychology guru to read people like books. General knowledge and the ability to watch people, analyze, and compare them are enough. Physical traits are like little keys that unlock people’s personalities. You can try reading the faces of your friends, relatives, or cats and see whether it works for you or not. Keep in mind that this article is written for entertainment purposes.

Bright Side is coming in hot to tell you how your facial features influence the way others perceive you.

1. Plump lips

According to Dr. Mehta, people who have plump lips are seen as extroverts. They look more outgoing and friendly than people with thin lips. As a rule, people with larger lips are perceived as being able to express their emotions openly and have higher levels of sympathy, even toward strangers.

2. Thin lips

People with thin lips come across as loners. They are thought of as introverted and self-sufficient. Additionally, people find their interests versatile, and thin-lipped folks always seem to enjoy what they do. Others might also think that they prefer spending time in solitude.

3. A big nose

If you have a big nose, people probably perceive you as ambitious and a bit of a perfectionist. People with big noses look like strong leaders. They look like confident people who aren’t afraid of challenging situations. It seems like it’s hard to influence them, as they always look like people who know what they need.

4. Thick eyebrows

People with thick eyebrows are perceived as decisive, influential, and narcissistic. People believe they aim high and always achieve their goals. Thick eyebrows are attributed to bold and active people. No matter what stands in their way, they always seem to cope with it quickly and confidently.

5. Wrinkles around the eyes

People who have eye wrinkles are usually seen as sincere. They come across as people who take everything to heart, so others suppose it’s easy to move them. It’s probable that eye wrinkles are a sign of someone who has experienced strong emotions, such as smiles or grimaces that are caused by pain or sadness. People often confide in them, as they look trustworthy.

6. A wide face

A wide face is typical of effective and strong leaders. People with this facial feature are seen as powerful and even aggressive. They make perfect executives who bring substantial revenue to their companies.

7. Large eyes

People with big eyes look creative, open-minded, and probably have high emotional intelligence. Sometimes others find them quite gullible and sensitive. People tend to think that big-eyed people often blow hot and cold, so don’t expect them to read your mind.

8. Short-sightedness

Short-sighted people come across as logical and very conscious of things. They look like introverted bookworms. Others believe that such people can see through them. It’s probable that short-sighted people’s minds dominate their feelings, but once they open up, people don’t perceive them as cold fish.

9. Almond-shaped eyes

If you have almond-shaped eyes, not only do you look exotic, but you also appear mysterious. People with almond-shaped eyes are seen as cautious and calm. They seem to keep it cool in any situation and have a well-balanced life. They look like people who fully trust their nearest and dearest but keep a distance from strangers and acquaintances.

10. Brown eyes

Brown-eyed people look trustworthy and dependable. They might come across as a bit moody sometimes, but overall, they are identified as sociable and funny. Others presume that brown-eyed people always have their say in quarrels and never tolerate injustice. People love them for their sense of humor and positivity.

Do you believe first impressions are important? Have you noticed any other features that are typical of certain types of people?

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