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20+ Times Queen Elizabeth Won Our Hearts and Proved She Was Awesome

Queen Elizabeth II became the longest-reigning British monarch in 2015. Not only is she known for being a wise queen who cares about the prosperity of her country, but she’s also recognized for being a person who isn’t scared to show her emotions in public, and for being a perfect mother, granny, great-granny, and a loving wife.

We at Bright Side have looked through many photos of the Queen and each of them deserves your attention. Nevertheless, we tried to choose the brightest moments that prove she was simply awesome.

When she and her husband prank each other

Queen Elizabeth II gets a fit of giggles as she walks past her husband, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, who’s standing to attention in his uniform and bearskin hat.

When she’s simply not amused!

When her emotions become contagious

When she makes that “wifey” look

Every time we see her love for corgis

Every time she laughs

And shows her emotions

When she gets serious

When we see her in the role of granny and great-granny

She breaks our hearts when she sheds tears.

When she rides a horse...

Even at 94!

And when she desperately roots for horses at shows

When she makes herself feel warm

When she and her husband dance together

When she wore that slim-fitting lace dress

Every time she drives a car and proves that age is just a number

When she takes rides on trains

Every time she proves she’s a regular woman

And, of course, when she was working as an ambulance driver and a car mechanic during World War II as a princess

We’re still touched by the photo of the Queen shedding tears. Which photo affected you the most?

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