10 Fans Who Got Lucky Enough to End Up With Their Celebrity Crush

10 months ago

Once in a lifetime, some of us get a chance to meet our favorite actor or actress. But what if we tell you that a few extremely blessed fans are actually married to their celeb crush? This kind of restores the hope every one of us hides deep inside.

We at Bright Side brought their fairy tales here to keep the hopes of millions of fans alive. Make sure not to miss the bonus at the end!

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren

Warren met his dream girl on the sets of Fantastic Four in 2005 where he was a production assistant. It was a surprise to many that Jessica, at the peak of her fame, fell for him. After their first few meetings, they both knew they were in love. After 4 years, they got married in LA.

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder

Moder met Roberts on the movie set of The Mexican in 2000 where he was working as a cameraman. Moder was already married then but love knows no bounds. They married in 2004 in New Mexico after Moder’s divorce. Now they’re the proud parents of three kids: Hazel, Phinnaeus, and Henry.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes used to be the biggest fan of Tom Cruise. One of her former classmates from Catholic school claimed Katie kept photos of him in her textbooks. She even later stated in her interviews how much she wanted to get married to him. Her dream came true in 2006. Sadly, though, the marriage lasted only 6 years — the beautiful couple divorced in 2012 when Katie got fed up with Tom’s Scientology interests.

Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim

Alice and Nicholas met at the restaurant where she used to work as a waitress in 2004. Sparks flew and they got married that same year. It would’ve been called destiny had it not been for the unfortunate occurrence of the couple splitting up in 2016 — after 12 years of marriage.

Patrick Dempsey and Jillian Fink

Patrick met his fan and the love of his life at a hair salon where the TV star made an appointment for her to cut his hair. The couple married in 1999. She still does Dempsey’s hair — as both his stylist and his wife!

Adam Sandler and Jackie Sandler

Jackie was a great admirer of this star’s work and after his friend Rob Schneider put in a good word for her, she got the chance to play alongside Adam in Big Daddy in 1999. Their romance grew on the movie set and they tied the knot in 2003. She even converted to Judaism for him. Today, they have 2 beautiful daughters, Sandy and Sunny.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston

Though they are both well known, Kelly remembers how she was only 16 when she saw a poster of Travolta on her way out of a movie theater and said, “I’m going to marry that man.” Later, it proved true and they have been happily married since 1991.

Anne Hathaway and Adam Shulman

Anne Hathaway’s admirer Adam Shulman met her during the Palm Springs Film Festival where he had a fanboy moment. Anne also fell for him at first sight. The couple got married in 2012 and have lived happily together ever since.

Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso

Luciana Barroso was working as a bartender in 2003 when she met her big-time crush Matt Damon who was there in Miami for the shooting of his movie Stuck on You. She even helped him escape fans and she ended up stealing his heart. The rest went like the title of his movie: Matt literally stuck on her and they got married in 2005.

Ruben Studdard and Surata Zuri McCants

Ruben won millions of hearts with his voice and out of those millions there was Surata Zuri. He met her during a CD signing at a store. He became infatuated with her the very instant he saw her and even followed her around the store. The couple wed in 2008 but they filed for divorce in 2011.

Bonus: Jake T. Austin and Danielle Caesar

Danielle tweeted to Jake for years about how much she adored and that she wanted to marry him. Sparks flew when Jake started following her on Instagram after their first meeting at an event in 2011. After years of her persistence, they finally got together. Maybe they’ll even get married in the near future!

This could be any fan’s ultimate fantasy, although it does not guarantee any happily ever after. If you too know any fan-celeb romance we’d love to hear about it. Please share with us in the comments below.

Tom Cruise’s journey from a challenging childhood to Hollywood stardom is a testament to his resilience and determination. Before gracing the silver screen, Cruise faced a tumultuous childhood, moving frequently due to his father’s unstable career. Despite attending 14 different schools and battling dyslexia, he shouldered the responsibility of supporting his family from the tender age of 11. His bond with his mother, Mary Lee, was unbreakable, and she remained his guiding light, encouraging his acting aspirations. Even after achieving immense success, Cruise’s humility and dedication to his family remained unwavering, showcasing the depth of his character.

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