10 Times Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Broke the Golden Rules of the Royal Family

11 months ago

Apparently, some Royal family members think that rules were designed to be broken. Until recently, the main rebel of the British royal family was Princess Diana, and she had good reasons for it. For example, her revenge dress, her honest interviews about her relationship with her husband, or her hugs with people who had HIV. Every single one of these acts shocked the media and other members of the Royal family.

But today, the biggest rebels among the monarchs are the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex that continue to prove the idea that most Royal rules and traditions are things of the past.

We at Bright Side decided to recall some of the cases when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle decided to ignore royal etiquette and it seems that they don’t regret it.

1. Meghan Markle doesn’t wear a bra during an official event.

For her first appearance in public as the Duchess, Meghan Markle chose a nude dress from Goat and a hat from Philip Treacy that matched the dress. It all seemed okay until the press and internet users noticed that she didn’t wear a bra. The unwritten rules say that the women of the royal family can’t appear at official events without wearing this piece of underwear. But the Duchess has her own opinion about it. Because Markle supports the idea of feminism, she is convinced that an elegant style can and should be combined with her own personal comfort.

2. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle don’t hide their feelings in public.

Hugs and, of course, kisses in public are frowned upon in the Royal family, but the Duke and Duchess of Sussex don’t think that there is anything wrong with it. They regularly hold hands and hug each other, and after the win in the charity polo event, Prince Harry kissed Meghan Markle passionately. However, these gestures during sporting events are not a rare thing. Princess Diana also kissed Prince Charles after these matches.

3. Meghan Markle closes car doors by herself.

Even though this thing is not a big violation of the protocol, the members of the Royal family don’t do that. Etiquette expert William Hanson pointed out that this is not a protocol breach and said, “Usually, if you are a member of the royal family or a dignitary, you have a member of staff to open and close a car door for you.” But her old habits show how shy Markle still is.

4. Prince Harry flew to Canada to see Meghan Markle after his Caribbean tour.

Even before Prince Harry proposed to Markle, he visited her in Toronto where the actress was in the middle of shooting a film. But this actually contradicts the official policy of the royal family that states that its members should not combine official visits with their personal affairs. After his Caribbean tour, Prince Harry was supposed to go back to London where he had some public events planned, but he went to see Meghan instead.

5. Meghan Markle doesn’t wear pantyhose.

Pantyhose are a must-have element in the wardrobe of the Royal family members when they appear in public. Queen Elizabeth II requires the Royal family to always follow this rule no matter what the weather is. But Meghan Markle has appeared in public several time not only ignoring this rule, but also wearing open toed shoes, which are another taboo, according to royal etiquette.

6. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took their shoes off on the beach.

During a visit to Australia in October 2018, the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex visited the famous Sydney Bondi Beach. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle took off their shoes and walked on the beautiful sand barefoot, which is a direct contradiction of royal etiquette. This prohibition works mostly for women. And Kate Middleton, unlike the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex follows this rule. During her visit to Australia in 2014, the wife of Prince William walked on the beach wearing her shoes.

7. Meghan Markle didn’t wear a name tag with her name during a horse race.

The annual Royal race in Ascot has very strict dress code requirements. The female visitors of this prestigious event have to choose dresses with closed shoulders that are at least of knee-length. They are also supposed to wear elegant hats and special branded name tags with their names. But during the 2018 race, Meghan Markle ignored the requirement for her name tag. Unlike other guests, the Duchess of Sussex didn’t put a badge on her dress, but kept it in her hand instead. By the way, the only member of the Royal family that doesn’t have to wear a name tag is Queen Elizabeth II.

8. Meghan Markle walks in front of Prince Harry

According to the royal protocol, the members of the Royal family whose origin or status is lower are supposed to stay behind. Meghan Markle has been ahead of Prince Harry many time during public events.

9. The Duke and the Duchess of Sussex congratulated Prince George in an unorthodox way.

The words of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seemed to be too informal to many people. They didn’t just leave a comment under George’s photo that was published on the official Instagram page of Kensington Palace (and they were supposed to make a separate post on their own Instagram page), but they also forgot to mention the full title of the future king. Even in this informal congratulation message, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were supposed to call him His Royal Highness.

10. Meghan Markle regularly wears black outfits in public.

In the Royal family, black colors are only used during mourning events. More than that, every time a member of the royal family travels somewhere, they pack a set of black clothes in order to be able to return home wearing these clothes, in case the monarch dies. This unwritten tradition has been followed since 1952 when Elizabeth II was visiting Kenya and her father died. The Princess didn’t have black clothes with her and she wouldn’t leave the plane until a mourning dress was delivered to her.

Meghan Markle regularly wears black clothes at official events. She even visited the 2018 British Fashion Awards with black nail polish, which is another violation of the royal etiquette that allows women to have nude or pink nails only.

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is known for her rule-breaking fashion choices. From off-the-shoulder dresses to ripped jeans, she has consistently pushed the boundaries of royal fashion. Her style choices, including wearing pantsuits and opting for a messy bun, have been seen as a breath of fresh air in the often rigid world of royal fashion.

In addition to her fashion-forward approach, Meghan has also used her clothing to send powerful messages. For instance, in 2018, she carried an acrylic clutch with a constellation of Leo, her zodiac sign, embellished on it. This subtle detail was a personal touch that added a unique element to her outfit.

Meghan’s fashion hacks are also worth noting. For instance, she often wears shoes that are one to two sizes larger than her actual size to prevent blisters and discomfort. She also uses a toothbrush and hairspray to tame flyaway hairs, a simple yet effective trick for maintaining a polished look. These practical tips, coupled with her bold fashion choices, make Meghan a true style icon.

Do you think that when this couple breaks the royal rules, they show disrespect toward other monarchs? Or it is just an attempt to be closer to ordinary people and a good tendency in general?


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Some of the rules are unwritten..so, they are unofficial. If they are unofficial, why to follow? :D


I think there is nothing special in this. Most of these "rules" were create in old times, where norms we different. In the modern world some of these might even seem ridiculous. From my side I support Meghan


I don't think they willfully break the rules ,they are just being themselves in these modern times, why does being in royalty means you can't enjoy simple things,some people love to feel the same between their toes at a beach, to wear a shoe there is uncomfortable for me,I never liked the idea of someone having tonopen a car door or close it for me.i love black clothing too..too many restrictions....enjoy life..


If you're a royal, it's best to follow tradition. Must be why Meigan doesn't want to be a royal and Harry, so much in love with her that he'd follow her to the ends of the Earth. I feel bad for Harry, he's giving up so much for her. His family already allows a ton of stuff that the couple gets away with, but it's not good enough for her.


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