11-Year-Old Jonah Is a Crochet Master Who Uses His Talent to Raise Money for Charity

4 years ago

According to the Butterfly Effect, one small change can have big consequences, and this kid is living-proof of that. It all started when he was gifted a set of crochet supplies, it was a small gift, but it unlocked his hidden talent to crochet. Now he’s using his skills to raise money so that other people can unlock their talents as well. That’s a big aftereffect that came from such a simple gift.

Let Bright Side tell you his story, so that you can get inspired to see how far you can go when you cultivate your skills.

When Jonah Larson was 5, he was handed a bag of yarn and crochet needles. From that day on, he taught himself to crochet by watching tutorials on YouTube. Now at 11, this social media star and self-taught crochet artist has his own business, Jonah’s Hands, and his endless motivation inspires him to help others find and follow their passion, like he did.

He was born in Ethiopia and was adopted 6 months later by Christopher and Jennifer Larson, who offered him a new life in Wisconsin. However, he always felt drawn to give back to the community he left behind. So now he’s raising money online so that his people back home can develop their talents and chase their dreams.

For that he chose to partner with Roots Ethiopia, a non-profit organization based in the village he was born in. It trains mothers to discover their potential and develop their entrepreneurial skills so that they are enabled to build their own small businesses. That way they can provide for their families and keep them together.

Jonah believes that anyone can contribute to help unlock each of these women’s talents and help them succeed, and he thinks the same about children too. Roots Ethiopia also provides educational resources to rural schools so that Ethiopian kids can thrive and look forward to becoming whatever they wish.

Reflecting on the small bag of crochet supplies that began this story, it’s incredible to see how it triggered a ripple effect of good will. “The talent and love that came from that gift can now spread across the globe and back to the beautiful country I love so much,” he said. “I know how a natural skill can flourish and I want to support the success of the many hands at work in Ethiopia.”

Who would have ever thought that a small gift like that had the power to change people’s lives. Do you have any talent or skill that you would like to develop? What would you do with it to make other people’s lives better?


I enjoy playing guitar, so maybe I can make some small shows for charity too :3
He is so young, and already helps so many people. How inspiring it is! :)

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