15 Crazy Inventions That Got Us Totally Confused

year ago

At first glance, some inventions might seem to serve no purpose. On the other hand, human creativity is endless, and there’s always someone coming up with an out-of-the-box design. Whether it’s a creative lamp, an evening dress perfect for the holiday season, or a repurposed faucet, these inventions are pretty puzzling and ingenious at the same time.

1. “Berserk lighter”

2. “I need help captioning this one...”

3. “Babe, wake up, it’s a shoe-car!”

4. “When you want to make a grand entrance at the Christmas party:”

5. “This backpack/purse”

6. “The faucet lamp made by my uncle”

7. “Custom yard fountain”

8. “This is a mug.”

9. “Crocs + boots = croots”

10. “Rugged warrior”

11. “These handbags I found at a street fair”

12. “Tooth outfit”

13. “This stadium’s ’house-front’ box”

14. “A keyboard with cheese styled keycaps”

15. “I saw this and just had to share.”

What’s the weirdest invention you’ve ever come across? Do you have any photos to share?


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