15 People Who Had an Epic Experience With a Delivery Service

3 years ago

Waiting for a delivery is like rolling the dice — you never know what will be inside, when the box will be delivered, or what condition it will be in. That is why you can find a lot of interesting stories about delivery service online, and each of them is a mini-tragicomedy.

At Bright Side, we love unusual stories, so we couldn’t pass by the epic adventures of these packages and their addressees.

“My Schweinsteiger kit that I ordered in 2016 finally arrived. Thanks Amazon for the express fast delivery. Too bad I support Bayern now because it looks like they might win the Champions League.”

It seems like the delivery took a really long time.

“I ordered my girlfriend’s favorite anime character, Totoro, to give to her. I added it to my basket, paid, and received it. Instead, I got either a unicat or a catcorn.”

“Since I already promised her Totoro, I decided to write to the seller, not really hoping for anything. I was really surprised that they admitted the error and sent the item again. The long-awaited Totoro arrived 2.5 weeks later looking exactly the way I had ordered it. Thank you to the honest Chinese seller! Thank you for the catcorn too.”

When you were ready for deceit, but the seller still managed to surprise you.

“Delivery drivers are a bit busy these days, but they still have time to hide packages under the mat.”

“I ordered a video game from Amazon and got pregnancy tests instead. Anyone need them?”

“After receiving a package that was accidentally covered in spaghetti sauce, the company apologizes with a fantastic follow-up delivery. They promptly sent me a spaghetti spoon.”

Literally all delivery services!

“I asked Amazon delivery to hide my package so it wouldn’t get stolen. They went above and beyond what I expected!”

“I came home to this after surgery and I was so excited to have gotten this delivered while I was gone. This is how it came.”

“This is how my $700 TV set was delivered to my house. Luckily it was mostly fine.”

“This Amazon driver needs a raise. He had a guest in my delivery confirmation picture.”

“I ordered a record from Italy. After a month lost in Malta, it arrived today. In a pizza box.”

Packages from parents are full of surprises.

“It took me a couple of minutes to go outside and grab my delivery. These guys beat me to it.”

Do you have any interesting stories about your experience with a delivery service? Share them in the comments below.

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