20 Times Police Officers Went the Extra Mile for People Like Us

3 years ago

Though attitudes toward the police vary, it’s pretty common to hear negative stories about policemen. In reality, there are plenty of hidden heroes that serve their communities with kindness. Sometimes they even go beyond their duties to watch over us, even if it means changing a bike tire.

Bright Side has gathered 20 pictures of exemplary police officers so that you can see kindness can be found in the toughest of places.

1. “Louisville Police Officer helps encourage a lady who has lost 200 lbs and did her first 10K.”

2. A cop comforts a toddler found wandering in the street alone.

3. “2 officers stopped to help a young boy change a bike tire after they noticed that he was struggling on his own.”

4. Mexican police try a different approach to migrant children.

5. When the unexpected happened.

6. “On the first day of school, our local crossing guard set this up at her intersection for kids who needed something. She paid for it all herself.”

7. “This little guy lost his mom at the state fair, and the policeman carried him on his shoulders to help him look for her.”

8. A Dutch police officer watches Teletubbies with a 10-month-old baby on their way to the hospital after a major car crash.

9. “Respect to the police officer, and the cat also looks cute and obedient.”

10. “Saudi police officers hand out roses to female drivers. (Today is the first day women can legally drive in Saudi Arabia).”

11. “Little boy gets escorted by 70 police officers on his first day of school after his father died.”

12. This man was going for a job interview and stopped to ask for some help with his tie. This officer volunteered.

13. “A police officer pulled over and bought a sandwich and a drink for this homeless man.”

14. Her bike broke so a police officer helped her fix it.

15. “This dog got lost in my city. The police helped him find his family!”

16. An Australian officer helped an elderly woman secure her house after a break-in attempt.

17. After hurricane Harvey, a flood covered the area and this cop risked his life to save a dog.

18. These policemen helped a stranded whale by pouring water over it.

19. The baby’s mom was filing a police report so this police officer cared for him for hours.

20. This policeman helped an elderly woman collect recyclable materials to sell.

Which police officer do you think deserves a medal? Do you have stories about policemen that proved all the negative stereotypes wrong? Share it in the comments below!


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