15 People Who Recreated Old Photos and Showed Us the Power of Time

2 years ago

From how places have changed over the years to how people have aged, everything can be easily measured by looking at old photos. Craving the feeling of nostalgia, some people decided to recreate their old memories and we can’t get over their creativity.

Bright Side has selected the 15 most interesting comparisons for our audience. Take a look below.

1. “My mom and my sister 2000/2021”

2. Miranda Cosgrove recreated her famous “Interesting” meme 15 years later.

3. Like mama-like daughter — Baby Bindi Irwin (1998) and her daughter Grace (2021).

4. “Decided to recreate a photo with my dad 25 years later.”

5. “17 years apart — 2004 cicada brood -> 2021 cicada brood.”

6. “My babies — 10 years apart”

7. Recreated an old photo for our grandma.

8. My dad and I recreated a picture, with long hair. Original is circa 1979.

9. “Me and my son, 1987 and 2017”

10. “Me (the one in the middle) and my cousins. The first photo was taken in 2007, the second one was last year.”

11. “Just retired after 42 years as an obstetrical nurse, at the same hospital. Here I am at the start (1979) and end of my career!”

12. “Snagged my granddad’s (’86) ski wear for my trip to the slopes.”

13. “Granny and Grampy selfie in the ’30s and recreated in the ’90s.”

14. “Mount St. Michel — me, my boys, and my grandpa, circa 1944”

15. “1928 vs Today — my recent centenarian interview subject”

How have you changed over the years? We would love to see some before-after photos in the comments!

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