15 People Whose Kind Heart Makes Our World a Little Bit Brighter

3 years ago

“It doesn’t matter if you have style, reputation, or money, if you don’t have a good heart, you’re worth nothing,” said great French comedian Louis de Funès. And it’s true. As long as a person has a place for compassion and mercy in their heart, they possess truly priceless wealth.

We at Bright Side believe that sometimes the smallest kind deed can change the world for the better, while an occasional smile can make life lighter and happier. We hope that our compilation will make you smile.

An 87-year-old Italian woman called the police and said she was feeling lonely and she was hungry. Here’s what she got:

If you feel this world has become too cruel, just remember this man, who built a ladder for ducklings in a local pond.

Translation: “Dear residents, This ladder has been constructed for the ducklings. They are not able to come to the shore and dry their feathers which sometimes results in their death. There is a mother duck with her baby ducklings living on this pond. There used to be 7 of them, now there are only 2 ducklings left! Please, don’t destroy this ladder! Also, please make sure to ask your kids to keep this ladder safe. Save nature and the world will be kinder to us!”

These wonderful doctors work in the cardio therapy department of a hospital.

“Our first family photo after fighting infertility for a few years.”

This man buys birds to release them.

“My great granny turned 102 today, despite her giving her ’going out’ speech at 100.”

“I’ve officially cleaned up 7,000 trash bags of litter in my lifetime.”

“My best friend is officially cancer-free from today onward! For 6 months she has been fighting cancer at age 16. I am so proud of her!”

When you’re lucky to have a great boss:

“12 days ago I found a monarch caterpillar in my tiny garden. I built him a home and he built his chrysalis in it. Yesterday I got to release him.”

“My grandparents wearing their same wedding outfits, 60 years later”

This good boy looks very happy after donating blood to help another pup.

“150 days ago, I received my heart transplant. 116 days ago, I got to go home. No more rejection. My heart is healthy. I’m feeling stronger than ever before in my entire life.”

Look at how lovingly this man on the bus is looking at his cat.

Sometimes in order to do something good, we just have to pay attention.

Translation, “Thank you!”

What kind stories happened to you? Please share them with us — let’s make this world a little bit better!

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All of those pictures made me smile.

As for me,I help the people around me as much as I can and stay on the bright side of life. ?


I feel so happy for this guy with his heart transplant. I hope he enjoys every day of his life :)


I really hope that little ladder for ducks won't get destroyed... bless such people who care so much about our world!


I'm crying out of happiness... such a relief! Thank you Bright Side writer who wrote this :)


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