15 Photos That Show Every Day Is Full of Small Discoveries

2 years ago

Not a single day is the same if you have eyes like a hawk. Even the most ordinary things can appear to be not that boring after all. Small discoveries are waiting for you in the most unexpected moments — like when you chop veggies for a salad or take a walk in the park.

Bright Side found 15 photos where people happened to experience little moments of luck.

1. “A white tomato”

2. “My cat has 26 toes (18 is normal).”

3. “I keep a salt lamp in my bathroom and it started to grow a stalactite.”

4. “This is Gibraltar last week. No edit.”

5. “A piece of ice cream dropped from my spoon as I was scooping and it looks like a tiny shark.”

6. “On my walk I found a pair of dentures set into the concrete in front of a house.”

7. “This ice patch I found that looks like a feather”

8. “Tiny praying mantis on a 10 year old’s finger.”

9. “This pet bathroom at the airport”

10. “This tree seems to have its eye on me.”

11. “My grocery store cut open an orange for display, so people could see the inside.”

12. “The shade is protecting the snow from melting.”

13. “A Brown Thrasher munching on some food”

14. “A happy radish found while chopping food for tacos.”

15. “The lenses on my glasses look like ice cubes.”

What unusual things have you seen recently? How often do you notice things like this?

Preview photo credit p1ng74 / Reddit


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