15 Dads Who Took Parenting to Another Level

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2 years ago

Every parent deserves the world, but if it were up to us, we’d stack every shelf in every dad’s home with trophies and medals and an endless supply of socks and video games for all the dads who keep nailing fatherhood as if it were a walk in the park.

The Bright Side team has compiled the following list to honor dads who have mastered the art of parenting like no other.

1. “Getting ready to sing purple rain”

2. “Sharing hobbies with kids really is amazing. I have the best squire.”

3. “When it’s playtime, sometimes you’ve got to get creative with keeping baby entertained. The look on her face says it all.”

4. “Got to build that work ethic while they’re young.”

5. “When your kid asks for matching mullets, you get matching mullets.”

6. “During my Father’s Day nap, I turned into a couch.”

7. “A tea party with my princess”

8. “Only the best breakfast for Dad!”

9. “Anyone else’s dishwasher look like this?”

10. “Props to my little girl for making me fabulous.”

11. “Nothing but the finest of meals for my children...”

12. “I’ve kinda gone overboard on the whole dad-bike thing.”

13. “I love the days when it’s just the 2 of us. Making a toddler happy is as easy as a donut and a new squishy toy.”

14. “My sleeping baby, Goku”

15. “Mario shirts with my daughter for MAR10.”

If you were a member of our Father of the Year jury, which 3 fathers would you vote for? Post your answer in the comment section.

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