16 Movie Couples That Didn’t Let Their Huge Age Gaps Get in the Way of Their Chemistry

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We’ve all heard the phrase, “Love knows no age,” and this simple truth is reflected in a lot of Hollywood movies. Sometimes the chemistry between the actors is so good that behind their outstanding performances we don’t even notice the age gap. So, learning the actual age difference between various actors might shock you.

1. Milly Alcock (22) and Matt Smith (39) in House of the Dragon

2. Elizabeth Olsen (32) and Paul Bettany (50) in WandaVision

3. Rene Russo (39) and Clint Eastwood (63) in In the Line of Fire

4. Léa Seydoux (36) and Daniel Craig (53) in No Time to Die

5. Cécile de France (44) and John Malkovich (66) in The New Pope

6. Margot Robbie (23) and Leonardo DiCaprio (39) in The Wolf of Wall Street

7. Audrey Hepburn (28) and Fred Astaire (58) in Funny Face

8. Emily Carey (19) and Paddy Considine (49) in House of the Dragon

9. Scarlett Johansson (21) and Ewan McGregor (34) in The Island

10. Andrea Riseborough (33) and Michael Keaton (63) in Birdman

11. Julia Roberts (23) and Richard Gere (41) in Pretty Woman

12. Ali Wong (37) and Keanu Reeves (55) in Always Be My Maybe

13. Sofía Vergara (37) and Ed O’Neill (63) in Modern Family

14. Scarlett Johansson (17) and Billy Bob Thornton (46) in The Man Who Wasn’t There

15. Margaret Qualley (25) and Brad Pitt (56) in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

16. Demi Moore (22) and Michael Caine (51) in Blame It on Rio

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What do you think about these on-screen couples’ age gaps? Which pair shocked you the most?


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