16 People That Made a Nice Discovery and Shared It With the World

4 years ago

Every day, people spend over 3 hours on their phones while they could have been doing something more interesting in real life. Just imagine how many interesting things we miss out when we don’t look around and spend all of our free time on social media. Our compilation contains photos from internet users who looked away from their smartphones and instantly found something exciting.

We at Bright Side are sure that life is full of pleasant surprises, we just need to learn to notice them.

16. Scissors shaped like a bird

15. These squirrels are using the side of this window for part of their nest.

14. This bird still has half of its baby feathers.

13. “I discovered that my cat watches the sunrise every morning.”

12. “My skin before, during, and after an iron infusion (6 hours between the first and last photo)”

11. “This is the paper towel after I wiped a TV screen from an indoor smoking apartment.”

10. Even trees have ears. This fungus is called Auricularia auricula and it is edible.

9. “This sugar crystal formed at the bottom of my maple syrup.”

8. “Found these behind my washing machine.”

7. “My ghost shrimp and her eggs”

6. “Teacup that my mom bought in Japan 50 years ago with a lady on it that you can only see when light passes through it”

5. When you cut a tomato the right way it looks like a strawberry.

4. These koi fish in the basement of an abandoned building in Philly

3. This house has a guard turkey.

2. “There was a bee in my raspberry.”

1. A perfect 5-leaf clover

Now we will pay better attention to our raspberries before eating them. Which discovery did you like the most?

Preview photo credit mangobedien / reddit


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Wow these are pretty interesting! Love the scissor in number 1 ?


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