17 Celebrities Who Are Not Ashamed to Repeat Their Favorite Outfits for Years

3 years ago

They say it’s almost impossible to see a celebrity in the same outfit twice. They have hundreds of pairs of shoes, countless expensive accessories and luxurious outfits from the most famous designers in the world. But while having all this variety at their disposal, even celebrities have their favorite items of clothing.

These celebs know for sure how difficult it is to part with their favorite clothes. And they prove that you can look great not just in clothes from the latest collections, but also in worn-out sneakers and an old coat. At Bright Side, we have no choice but to admire their individuality.

1. Monica Bellucci prefers earrings among other accessories. And these are her favorite.

2. Johnny Depp has dozens of shoes in his closet. But these shoes were definitely his favorite.

3. Dakota Johnson skillfully combines her favorite jeans with loafers and high-heeled sandals.

4. On the day of her engagement announcement, Meghan Markle posed wearing shoes that were not new.

5. Helena Bonham Carter has a couple of favorite pendant necklaces, which she often combines with each other.

Tim Burton’s muse also has a favorite pair of shoes. She shamelessly wore these gray suede boots for a couple of years.

6. Keanu Reeves loves these boots so much that he’s literally worn a hole in them.

This is how they looked in 2017.

7. In 2019, Julia Roberts appeared in public in the aviator sunglasses that she had worn a year earlier.

And in 2018, she put on the same leather pants twice.

8. It seems that Diane Kruger never parts with her favorite newsboy cap and sunglasses.

9. Cate Blanchett is always ready to give her old dresses a second chance. A new gorgeous accessory makes her outfit look quite different.

10. Amber Heard didn’t part with her favorite lacquer loafers for the entire summer 2018.

11. Robert Pattinson’s faithfulness to his sneakers is admirable.

12. Sienna Miller is happy to wear the same clothes for the entire season.

These are her favorite boots.

13. Even lint can’t make Pamela Anderson want to part with her favorite turtleneck.

14. These black high-heeled shoes are probably super comfy because Kirsten Dunst has been faithful to them for years.

15. We can guess what Keira Knightley’s favorite items are.

16. Cameron Diaz doesn’t go out without her favorite bag — she wears it going to the gym and to the grocery store.

She even wears it at social events.

17. Years pass and Brad Pitt’s haircuts change, but his newsboy cap stays the same.

Do you have favorite clothes that you like to wear for years? Tell us about them.


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seriously, If I love a clothing item or an accessory, I will keep repeating it until the day I die.


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