17 Girls Who Decided to Say No to Shaving and Let Their Body Hair Be Free

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11 months ago

Girls are often subjected to certain beauty standards that have been imposed for decades. No one can quite remember where these rules came from, but the truth is that more and more brave women are emerging who dare to question and break these barriers to free their femininity from the ideals of the past.

At Bright Side, we support freedom and the acceptance of all bodies, and that’s why we have compiled some pictures of girls who have decided to say no to the razor.

1. “Gotten to a point where I completely forget that having armpit hair is uncommon.”

2. “I support body hair! On everyone! Why remove something we all have!? Natural and proud!”

3. “To shave is boring.”

4. “Outdoors today”

5. “After running pictures”

6. “Don’t shame, don’t shave.”

7. “I haven’t shaved anywhere for the past 2 years!”

8. “Haven’t shaved my pits in forever.”

9. “I got married today and wore my natural body hair as a beautiful accessory.”

10. “Wish I ditched razors sooner.”

11. “I love being unshaved — freedom!”

12. “Can’t imagine not having hair now. Kind of been wanting to dye it.”

13. “Living a life free of hate”

14. “I feel gorgeous today!”

15. “A smile from your happy, hairy hippy”

16. “This will be the first summer I haven’t shaved. Sometimes I feel self-conscious, but mostly, I feel empowered.”

17. “Gonna miss those summer breezes. Until next year!”

What other canon of beauty for girls has become standardized and that you think is a bit absurd?

Preview photo credit hiddenmutant / Reddit


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Where I come from, it's considered unsanitary for men as well as when to have armpit hair.

No problems with arms and legs hair for women, because nobody sees it anyway.
Except that physiologically, it may be a sign of insufficient estrogen production, or overabundance of testosterone.



i think these girls den shudnt have waxed there hand or got tattoos why destruct the natural body.. n by d way armpit shaving is for hygiene


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