17 Photos That Prove Kids Live in Their Own World

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2 years ago

Children are an endless source of entertainment — from their funny antics and silly tricks to the strange situations they manage to put themselves in. Their actions may not always be based on logic, but their carefree attitude and nonchalant ways just make them all the more adorable.

Bright Side collected 17 photos of kids doing things that made us scratch our heads, but also put smiles on our faces.

1. Is she playing hide-and-seek or trying to scare her parents?

2. Genius-level hiding tactic

3. “My son is throwing a fit because he can’t get all the ’yucky’ seeds out of his watermelon.”

4. “My kids hate oatmeal, but the ’Cookie Soup’ I’ve been making is their favorite.”

5. “A kid riding around town, on a dinosaur”

6. “My child has tons of toys, but chooses to play with an onion.”

7. “I looked away for 5 seconds!”

8. “Now that’s how you wear a tiara!”

9. “He didn’t make a sound. I had a panic attack before I found him.”

10. “My kids testing out binoculars.”

11. “It looks like an intense conversation between a manicurist and their client.”

12. “Welcome the new wave of humans.”

13. “My niece didn’t want to eat the ‘pancake crust.’”

14. “My kid torturing our robot mop is how the robot revolution starts.”

15. “My daughter at ’Ivan the Terrible’s’ museum. I consider this a masterpiece.”

16. “My niece was looking for the goats. They got her good.”

17. No kids here! Just an alligator.

What was the funniest or most amusing thing you’ve ever seen a child do?

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Preview photo credit durtymessycan / imgur


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