27 Hilarious Animals That Refuse to Play by Humans’ Rules

4 years ago

Many of us have already noticed that animals become smarter and more independent year after year. Moreover, they keep developing new features like willfulness and capriciousness. But they never fail to continue sharing their warmth and joy with us, do they?

Bright Side compiled a list of cute photos that can cure the most hopelessly fallen mood. A bonus at the end of the article will prove to you once again that animals can understand everything!

“Did you say I wasn’t supposed to wake the baby up?”

“No, I’m not sleeping — I’m enjoying my meal.”

“No ’muah’ today, human!”

“Get in the car quickly. The party is about to start!”

When cats are pleased, sheep are safe.

“Go to work. I’ll sleep for you.”

“It’s not my fault! You should’ve left a warning sign.”

“Of course it’s my bed! I was here way before this little human.”

“Do you truly believe that your silly box will stop me?”

“Wake up, human! It’s 4:50 AM! Where’s my breakfast?”

“No, I haven’t seen your cat!”

“That’s what I think about your cooking and your restrictions on me getting on the table.”

“I don’t care about the police!”

“No, you don’t need a girlfriend and her silly dog. We had a good life without them.”

“Where do you see a duck? I’m a flamingo!”

“Who said a dog can’t go to the park alone? I’ve even paid a fare.”

Raccoons are not afraid of crocodiles — they use them as a taxi.

“Ah, these humans! I keep cleaning their mess and they still call me a panda!”

“I have fixed your TV. You should thank me for that!”

“Yes, I did eat a little of your pumpkin. So what?”

“That’s therapeutic mud, don’t worry, man!”

“You’d better get yourself a new pillow!”

“Mamma mia! What a nice pot!”

“This will happen every time you dare to leave me alone for the whole day!”

“My owner kept complaining I don’t have any benefits. I started to bring him socks and underwear and it doesn’t matter where I take all this stuff from!”

“What do you mean when you say ’birds wash here’? I drink from here if you haven’t noticed.”

This is what happens when you lock up a parrot:

Bonus: A swan tearing down a warning sign that reads, “Caution, the swan is aggressive.”

Which of these animals impressed you the most? Please tell us about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit Smtmidi / pikabu, googl / reddit


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