17 Surreal Designs That Are So Clever, They Might Need a Copyright

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We live in a world where the options we have when shopping are limitless. You can go to thousands of stores and find millions of different designs to choose from. However, there can always be more of them, since the human brain comes up with new ideas every single day. And while not all of these ideas are marketed to a wide audience, at least we have the opportunity to get a glimpse of them.

Bright Side is in awe of these 17 designs that were either created by people in their own homes or by professional designers who should be making a lot of money selling them.

1. “I guess beaded door curtains aren’t as cool as tape measures.”

2. A night light shaped like a dumpster fire

3. A bookmark to remember

4. “The only time I wanna see Morpheous in a bathroom.”

5. “My oven shows the time that you started cooking, in case you didn’t set a timer.”

6. “My wife painted a Van Gogh duck.”

7. “The AC broke during a heatwave in Texas, I was desperate and made whatever this is.”

8. Very realistic embroidery by Hiroko Kubota

9. “TMNT Airpod case”

10. “This LiDL grocery bag promoting paper bags over plastic ones”

11. “Found in a clothing store dressing room.”

12. “The Pikachu wireless phone charger my boss wanted printed came out way better than expected.”

13. “Elemental dice”

14. “Bar association hammer pencil”

15. “Sometimes a rainy day ain’t that bad.”

16. “Octopus chandelier”

17. “Low carb buns”

Have you seen any designs that deserve an award for their uniqueness? Maybe you have created something so amazing you’d like to share with us.


haven't looked yet but had to come and say the bookmark looks ace.
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