18 Genius Designs That Deserve a Standing Ovation

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Designers can generate cool stuff out of nothing and sometimes we just can’t stop admiring the result, thinking about how comfy, genius, or simply awesome it is. Creations like a door that looks like a vending machine, an airport lounge with plenty of sockets for our comfort, or a solar bench that gives out Wi-Fi are all examples of creativity with no limits!

Bright Side’s team cannot stop admiring these 18 designs and wants you to take a look at them!

1. A “floating” crosswalk

2. This is what happens when designers care about people.

3. This handy bottle design is a gem.

4. A creative door to a sweet world in Korea

5. A phone ring to safely hold your device

6. A considerate waste bin at the Melbourne Airport

7. A solar bench with Wi-Fi and chargers to work in open-air

8. A creative toilet roll holder and storage

9. For those who use only half of their avocados at a time:

10. A pet relief room at the San Diego Airport

11. Your dog can now walk in the park at this airport in Atlanta.

12. This revolutionary ink made of air pollution

13. A cup adapter for those who love big cups of coffee

14. Pick up your luggage right from a shark’s jaws at the Antalya Airport.

15. A comfy backpack for your cat’s safety and comfort

16. A “green wall” made of recycled plastic bottles

17. A wall of an open theatre in Goa

18. The Urban Bloom park in Shanghai

Do you know other examples of cool (or just utterly creative) designs? Don’t be shy, share them with us!

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This bag! :D
" - Son, are you ready for school? Did you pack you bag?
- Yes, dad, I took the most important with me.
- What is this, son?
- My cat."


I would buy this avocado "hugger", so my avocados halves will never go to waste. :D
Which design idea did you like the most, guys?


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