18 People That Wanted a Perfect Renovation, but Failed

3 years ago

When you watch all the home renovation shows on TV, the entire process looks really fast and simple. And only the people that have actually been through the process, really understand how deceptive the shows are. While trying to make your place look perfect, there are so many things that can quickly go wrong.

We at Bright Side have found 18 renovation “masterpieces” where people involved probably just said at some point, “This is good enough.” And you will find a perfect motivator in the bonus at the end of the article.

1. What in the world is this?

2. This is chic.

3. Who in their right mind would do this?

4. A very unusual light

5. Renovation is all about compromise.

6. At least, they’re never cold in this bathroom.

7. These are stairs, in case you didn’t get it.

8. A floating washing machine: The spin cycle must look phenomenal.

9. “This bathroom in my neighbor’s house”

10. “This is a wall sink, not a urinal.”

11. Someone changed their mind.

12. “Brand new building. No frosted glass. No provisions for curtains. Just an audience...”

13. Because everyone deserves a bubble bath while basting a turkey.

14. Ah yes, a perfect place for a window.

15. Is a carpeted bathroom considered good design?

16. “This new hotel carpet that looks like it’s worn out”

17. The door can be opened now... But at what cost?

18. But how does one even use this built-in toilet?

Bonus: While you’re scared of painting a wall, people are doing this stuff! This should be an inspiration for you!

Have you ever done a renovation by yourself? What challenges did you face?

Preview photo credit Bigreddog19 / Reddit


I can't believe some of these! I mean, why would someone do something like #6?
I guess #18 is when someone got an office cabinet but doesn't know where to use it in the house..
If I want to do a renovation, I make sure I hire professionals :D

but these are way to funny

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