20 Animals Who Found Their Human Soulmates

3 years ago

It’s one thing to find someone that you really understand, but it’s a whole other level to know the needs of your animals. Even without using human language, some animals are fortunate enough to have found people who love them so deeply that they can hear their hearts’ desires. What these animals and humans share is so special that they can’t bear to part from one another.

We at Bright Side cannot get over the sweet bond between animals and humans, and we hope these photos will bring a smile to your face just as they did ours.

1. “Made her a bridge to the window she always stared at but could never reach.”

2. The dog knew he’d found “the one” when the guy knew how to give him a good belly rub.

3. This rescue dog is lucky to have found someone who loves her enough to fix her favorite toy.

4. “My boyfriend and I spent the whole day setting up an art gallery for our gerbil.”

5. Alfred’s human friend made him a table to eat his lunch at every day.

6. “This is Billie who never understood why I had keys to bring in the car and she didn’t. So I got her a set and now she brings them whenever we go for a drive!”

7. “My dad’s Golden Retriever found a baby squirrel that was half-alive in the yard. He rescued it and fed it. A few days later, it wouldn’t leave his side.”

8. “Our rescue dog Cooper’s first meal was a sandwich he stole. Now he has his very own sandwich shop.”

9. “My husband built my dog a dream dog house.”

10. “My sister and her family are going on a trip. My niece was concerned that their cat would be lonely, so she made him a friend with a lap to sit on.”

11. “My dad claims he doesn’t love our dog, but he built this end table with a little hut for her.”

12. “This is Reggie who likes to jump from my second-floor window to the garage roof. Recently he fell, so I built him his own Golden Gate Bridge so he doesn’t have to jump anymore!”

13. “Milly found someone she wants to be with all the time.”

14. This dog’s human can read them like a book.

15. “My wife wanted a cat but I didn’t. We got a cat and 2 years later, she still follows me everywhere and gets very upset if she can’t come with me.”

16. Luckily for this squirrel, the homeowner not only feeds them but also provides a feeding table.

17. Luckily for this cat’s “arm,” the human knows his or her sneaky habit!

18. “Built this home for a toad on my back porch and we’ve been neighbors for 2 years now.”

19. “My 1-year-old pit bull sleeps with my toddler every night. He knows his place is by her side.”

20. “This is Judy who comes to my kitchen window every day to get some almonds. That little smile makes me melt.”

Which of these relationships resemble you and your own furry friends? What have you done to make them happy? Share your stories and photos with us!

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This cat arm reminds me of my cat, I was nearly broke his paw when closing my door ?

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