20 Animals Whose Acting Skills Would Make Even Hollywood Actors Jealous

3 years ago

Our pets are capable of feeling the same range of emotions as we are: happiness, enthusiasm, anger, and surprise. Or they're acting to make us think they feel a certain way. Anyway, there are a lot of very talented dogs and cats that can express almost any kind of emotion. In this article, we'd like to show you the best ones.

Bright Side wants you to look at the pets that aren't used to keeping emotions to themselves, under any circumstances.

"Freeze, ladies and gentlemen!"

"Long time no see!"

"The mouse was this big!"

"I haven't found what they broke yet. Maybe they lost the house at a poker game."

"This sun bear looks like it's a man in a bear costume who's doing a very bad job acting natural."

When the owners finally brought this good girl to the sea:

"Fresh fish, anyone?"

If only dogs had their own yearbooks.

When you feel hungry at 4 a.m. but your owner is sleeping and isn't even thinking about waking up.


"Do you want to be friends or what?"

"I hate spiders! And spiderwebs too!"

Relaxation is as basic a need as air to breathe.

"My daughter fell asleep in the cat's favorite spot. Looks like she's already plotting her ultimate demise."

"How do I look?"

When you misbehaved and your parents wanna talk about it.

That cat is so Zen.

Waiting for your turn to cuddle.

- Excuse me, Sir, this is my dinner...
- Ummm please do something about this?!

Just happiness as it is.

What does your pet do to express its emotions? Tell us about them and share photos in the comments.

Preview photo credit Prostoilogin/pikabu.ru


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