This cute little raccoon lives side by side with two dogs — and now thinks it’s one of them

year ago

Last year, a small fluffy animal literally fell out of a tree onto the head of Rose Kemp, a young woman who lives in Nassau, Bahamas.

At the time, what turned out to be a baby raccoon was just one month old, and she had broken one of her hind legs in the fall. Rose understood that the baby would never find its mother, and decided to adopt her. She was given the name Pumpkin.

This is such a heart-warming story!

’Looking after Pumpkin is a 24-hour job’, says Rose.

Today, Pumpkin lives in Rose’s house alongside her two dogs. It looks like she is very happy.

’She’s become really attached to us. Wherever I go with the dogs, she follows.’

’She’s actually begun to think she’s a dog. Sometimes she plays rough with them, but she respects them.’


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