20 Annoying Habits That Put Our Relationship to the Test Every Day

4 years ago

The habits of others can be so annoying sometimes that even the strongest love can fade away because of them. Some people make only their side of the bed, others drop their keys right on the floor, while third give presents in order to use them themselves later.

At Bright Side, we agree that no one is perfect and we would like to share these annoying moments with you that can drive even the most loving partners crazy.

My husband bought memory foam for “his side of the bed.”

When you live with a girl, you have to keep a lot of rules in mind.

“I asked my husband to buy cucumbers.”

“My boyfriend just sneezed sitting 5 feet away from me and then texted me this.”

Sometimes big problems can be revealed when you least expect it.

“Living together is...”

That’s what the family budget is being spent on.

“Look what my 10-year-old brother told his girlfriend.”

“This is how my husband likes to put things in the fridge.”

How about a fishing trip as a Women’s Day present?

“My wife’s choice of ‘fiction’ is beginning to concern me.”

“Please meet my girlfriend’s kitchen.”

“How can you trust men after that?”

“My husband gave me ‘$100’ and told me to go get my nails done. I’m hurt and embarrassed because I didn’t realize it was fake until I went to use it!”

“Why does my wife do this?”

“My kitchen after a week of my boyfriend being in charge of cleaning.”

“My girlfriend’s hair clips make me think there’s a huge cockroach on the counter. Every. Time.”

“This is how my boyfriend leaves his coffee cup every morning.”

My wife often leaves her keys here... she’ll then follow up with, “Why can’t I ever find my keys?”

“My husband was angry this morning so he decided he was only making his half of the bed.”

Which habits do your loved ones have that can drive you crazy? Let us know in the comments below.

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Some of those are grounds for divorce or break up. Especially the one with the memory foam mattress.
This 'sneeze' message isn't actually annoying, but kind of cute instead ?

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