20 People Who Found More Than They’d Bargained For

3 years ago

We never know when we’ll stumble across some treasure, just like this one family who’s home became a museum after discovering it was built on an archaeological site. Such finds can bring history into the present as we get a peek into how people of the past once lived. You never know, maybe tomorrow the world will surprise you like never before.

At Bright Side, we’ve searched for the most impressive discoveries to share with you, and some of them will definitely get your attention!

1. A lucky person found this 1980s vintage Freddie Mercury plate.

2. “I found a 4-leaf clover and an arrowhead within 30 minutes today.”

3. “This gorgeous Art Nouveau wallpaper I found behind the wall during a bathroom renovation — the house is over 100 years old.”

4. “My mom just found this note that my friend and I hid in the middle of a post-it stack in her old desk sometime around 1998.”

5. “I bought eye drops from Japan and the owner decided to write a thank-you note with it because of the delay and included his favorite tea and sweets.”

6. This person found a book consumed by termites.

7. A woman found her dad’s vintage silver betel nut holder.

8. The owner of this one-of-a-kind DVD covering

9. “There was a gold quarter in my change today.”

10. “This old bottle of mercury I found at my grandparents’ farm”

11. The person who found a check for $155,000 at the bottom of the ocean in Florida

12. “Every time I zip up or down these jeans I get a compliment.”

13. “My inhaler has a counter to let me know how many ’puffs’ are left.”

14. This unknown wooden ball someone found in Småland, Sweden

15. “British currency has braille on the edge. Never noticed this before.”

16. Someone discovered their clock only chimes during daylight, as not to wake you at night.

17. “The shower wall in our rental was drawn on and then painted over before we moved in. Here are Patrick and Squidward from SpongeBob SquarePants.”

18. “I found this typewriter on the side of the road! It even had ink in it!”

19. “My parents still have an unopened pack of Blockbuster audio cassettes.”

20. Someone found a 1985 bottle of Elvis Presley conditioning shampoo in their attic.

Has the universe ever glitched, leading you to find something extraordinary? We’d all love to hear about it — please share your stories in the comment section!

Preview photo credit eaglemaxie / Reddit


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