20 Photos for People Who Think They’ve Seen It All

3 years ago

Internet users often post photos of things and phenomena that most people will probably never see in their lives. And thanks to such photos, we might find out what a toe you just stubbed looks like through a thermal camera, how tight one of the narrowest streets in the world is, and what an anchor graveyard looks like.

We at Bright Side will never stop admiring the world around us. And here’s a new series of photos to show you more about the world.

What a crocodile looks like underwater

Also, crocodiles sometimes swim like this!

“I had a cornea transplant and have stitches in my eye.”

Squirrels store acorns in holes made by woodpeckers.

“The temperature of burned and unburned skin”

“Stubbed my toe hard today. You can see the swelling with a thermal camera!”

In Malaysia, it’s not uncommon to see corn popsicles.

“X-rays of my spinal fusion surgery, before and after”

“This variety of edible seaweed looks like a bunch of grapes.”

“They are full of liquid and pop when chewed. They’re like caviar, but very similar to dried seaweed.”

The inside of the top of an IKEA desk

“When it’s just above freezing in the house and you take a hot shower, your bathroom turns into a cloud!”

“The shadow made by this spider in my pool”

A beautiful anchor graveyard in Praia Do Barril, Portugal

The tiniest dictionary

Ice on the surface of Lake Ontario somehow has perfect right angles.

A cross-section of some severe termite damage

“Termites ate through one of my dad’s books.”

A tiny but usable cast iron stove

“Both mugs were bought on the same day 3 years ago and were initially the same design.”

“On the left is a mug that sits on my desk by the window. On the right is the mug that holds stationary in my closet.”

Cute little caterpillar feet

Do you have any photos of things that you would like to share with other people?

Preview photo credit Pixabay.com, GatorsDaily / twitter


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