20+ Reddit Users Wanted to Know If Cat Traps Worked and Got an Immediate Answer

2 years ago

A well-known Internet trick says that if you make a square out of tape on the floor, it can “catch” your cat in just a few seconds. The trick seems to work well for many cats, but the tape square is not the only trap you can use to capture your sweet feline. A bath mat, a shoe, a book, or even a belt — they all can become highly efficient cat catchers if you just leave them on the floor and watch. But be warned — some traps work so well, they can capture your kitty before you can even blink.

We at Bright Side selected some good examples of cat “traps” that turned out to be efficient and easy to make, according to Reddit users who posted these 20+ pics. Next time you need to catch your feline, why don’t you try one of these tricks?

1. “The magic square really works!”

2. Next time you need your cats nearby, just roll up the bath mat.

3. “My significant other laid out her crochet project on the floor to measure it. Not even 30 seconds later...”

4. “Annie was more excited about this box than the food that came in it.”

5. “A stone is gone, and now it’s a dirt trap!”

6. “The new mattresses were unwrapped for less than 30 seconds before they each trapped a cat.”

7. “Pulled this item out to put on the counter, came back, and the trap was full.”

8. “Trapped in a basket!”

9. “The skylight trap is working well today.”

10. A grass catcher that caught unexpected prey.

11. “Books are the ultimate trap for her.”

12. “Threw my belt on the floor. Trap is working as intended.”

13. “The classic yoga mat trap.”

14. “I now know how to trap my cat the next time I need to take him to the vet.”

15. “The whole floor to choose from and yet...”

16. “If your box trap doesn’t work indoors, try putting it onto the sunlit lawn. Cats love it.”

17. “I strategically placed cat traps so they hang out with me.”

18. It’s not the whole cat, but the paw was successfully caught.

19. “Caught me one!”

20. “The air mattress pump came with a complementary cat trap!”

21. “Day 2 and the trap is still working.”

Do you have a cat? What “traps” work the best when you need to catch your feline?


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