20 Spoiled Animals That Totally Use Their Charm Card To Gain Special Treatment

9 months ago

It’s hard to say no to our beloved pets’ requests for extra treats or snuggles on the couch. Whatever the case, spoiling them actually strengthens the bond and boosts the mood between you and your furry friend, making them even more loving and loyal companions.

1. ’’Boone likes to show new friends his special blanket.’’

2. ’’The way my dog chooses to sleep on a regular basis, leg tucked at a super weird angle that can’t be comfortable.’’

3. “He still likes to chomp on my hands occasionally.”

4. ’’My cat is in love with my boyfriend.’’

5. ’’My Dachshund puppy got stuck in the couch cushions.’’

6. ’’Oliver can be a bit clingy.’’

7. ’’I don’t even know.’’

8. ’’It’s always a 10-minute fight to get her to come down. I’m short and she takes advantage. And she yells at me the whole time.’’

9. ’’He woke up from his nap and slid half way off the couch then just stayed there wagging his tail.’’

10. ’’He just enjoyed his first Puppuccino so much he insisted on sitting like this with the empty cup the whole ride home.’’

11. ’’A clean boy.’’

12. ’’This is what she does all day. Just sits there and judges you.’’

13. ’’He can’t sleep without his favorite toy.’’

14. ’’Let my dog out into the garden, 2 minutes later I hear her barking and go outside to see this.’’

15. ’’He’s just tired of the cat sleeping in his bed.’’

16. ’’This is Morty emerging from her coconut house.’’

17. ’’Meet Ozzy. He’s... different.’’

18. ’’While trying to enjoy my bacon this morning.’’

19. ’’Minko before and after a bath’’

20. “Puppy is happy.”

While we adore our furbabies, we tend to become lenient and let them have their unpredictable ways most of the time.


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