20 Stepfathers Whose Love Went Beyond Any Boundaries Set by DNA

It’s often thought that in order to develop true love for a child, it’s necessary to have a direct blood bond. The truth is that nothing could be further from the truth, and there are people who are much more connected, despite the difference in their DNA. Thus, there are stepparents who show how much they love their stepchildren.

Bright Side compiled several images that clearly show that genuine love knows no paternity tests.

1. “After 16 years of being with my stepmom, my adoption is finally official. She’s always been my mom. This made it final.”

“I’ve never been happier in my life. I’m in the middle, and my mom is next to me in the dress.”

2. “For the past 10 years, I’ve given my stepfather the same blank, generic Christmas cards.”

“This year, I’m hoping to make him smile after he gave me a ’daughter’ card for my birthday.”

3. “Made a 3D dinosaur birthday cake for my stepson’s birthday — turned out pretty good!”

4. “My stepmother made this. There’s a cake in there somewhere.”

5. “My dad proposing to my stepmom — I love the diverse reactions of their children, including me.”

6. “My stepmom’s friend made her baby this Halloween costume.”

7. “So my stepdad decided he HAD to be the one to cook the turkey this year.”

8. “Check out these flowers my fiancée’s stepdad bought for her. They’re REAL roses.”

9. “I’m so proud of this Cubone I made for my stepdaughter!”

10. “A loft bedroom for my new 4-year-old stepson.”

11. “Worked on my stepson’s Scorpion costume for a month. Happy Halloween!”

12. “My stepfather is a good man. He built this for my tools.”

13. “This Harry Potter style wand that my stepmother made for me”

14. “Built this crib for my stepdaughter.”

15. “It’s Harry Potter Week at my stepson’s school, and this is the part of parenting I’ve been waiting for.”

“Made him some Gryffindor Quidditch robes with his soccer jersey number (his last name is blurred out). He was thrilled!”

16. “My stepson asked for a spot (’with lights’) for our book club (that has 2 members).”

17. “The birthday cake I made for my stepson.”

18. “We got my stepdad a princess cake for his birthday, and he LOVED it!”

19. “My stepdad was surrounded by my mom and us 3 daughters. Now, 30+ years later, my sister has given him a new best friend!”

20. “Some awesome ’90s styling. My stepmom made this epic dress and I picked out the fabric.”

What do you think it takes to form a strong bond beyond blood ties? What’s the nicest story you’ve heard about a stepparent?

Preview photo credit Brutalful / Reddit


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