20 Things That Will Make You Want to Leave Everything Behind and Move to South Korea

3 years ago

In South Korea, gas stations have pads that will get rid of static electricity, on the street, you can find emergency equipment stations (ranging from first aid kits to gas masks) that you can get in case of an emergency, and different types of vending machines. Apart from them being very serious about everyone’s safety, the awesome Korean culture, kind people, and delicious food will always work like a magnet to get you to start a life there.

Bright Side has a collection of things for you that will give you the true feeling that South Korea is a magical land.

1. These are their movie tickets.

2. You can buy a super spicy chicken-flavored toothpaste.

3. Soda cans have Braille so that blind people can read the type of soda.

4. “Cakes sold in South Korea usually come with free candles and matches hidden in the plastic cake knife.”

5. Self-pump gas stations have “de-electrification” pads to get rid of any static electricity before you start pumping.

6. They have spaghetti flavored Pringles.

7. “This banana vending machine in South Korea that also sells banana cases”

8. In a movie theatre in South Korea, you can get a drink with 2 straw holes.

9. Emergency equipment stations can be seen all over South Korea. They contain gas masks, bottled water, and first-aid kits.

10. There is a placeholder for pregnant women on public transit.

11. “This children’s urinal has a robot head. Incheon, South Korea”

12. “This flower vending machine in Seoul, South Korea”

13. They have libraries on their local trains.

14. “I found a secret ice cream cafe behind this fake vending machine in South Korea.”

15. “Pump toothpaste. One pump is the perfect amount for a toothbrush.”

16. “Self-service drink stand, where you just put money in the teapot and take your drink of choice”

17. You can find karaoke booths almost everywhere, even between bus terminals.

18. Safety first... there are life lines in hotel rooms just in case of an emergency.

19. Cherry blossom themed Coca Cola bottles

20. “My girlfriend found these in Korea... makes me jealous... we don’t have a snack with Adventure Time where I live.”

Do you know of anything special that can be seen in South Korea? Which one did you like the most from our list?

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